Ali Wong's tribute to gymnast Katelyn Ohashi is a perfect 10

'Baby Cobra' comedian's living room floor routine is significantly less gravity-defying.

You may have seen the video of UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi's spectacular floor routine, which basically broke the internet. The gravity-defying performance earned her a perfect 10 and a legion of new fans.

Among Katelyn's new supporters: Ali Wong. The Baby Cobra comedian (and fellow UCLA Bruin) posted a video of herself performing a "tribute" to Ohashi's routine in what looks like her own living room, complete with a bored-looking spouse on the couch and baby gates in the background.

Let's just say that Ali's routine is significantly less gravity-defying.

While she gets high marks for attitude, this probably isn't going to win Ali any competitions.

Then again, that winning attitude might have just earned Ali a spot on UCLA's squad. The official UCLA Gymnastics team Instagram account left a comment on the video, inviting Ali to an upcoming meet: "@aliwong you should come to our meet Monday afternoon in case you need to tap in for @katelyn_ohashi!"

Careful, she might take you up on that. Ali, please take them up on it.

For the record, the Hard Knock Wife's low-flying living room exhibition did get the seal of approval from perhaps the only judge that really matters -- Katelyn Ohashi herself.

"Oh my gosh!" the gymnast wrote in an Instagram comment. "I'm obsessed!"

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