Badass store owner fights off robber... with bananas

He messed with the wrong lady and her fruit.

File under badass... and bananas. This one comes to us from Canada, where a Mississauga convenience store owner fought off a would-be robber with a bunch of bananas.

Mississauga store owner fights off robber with bananas, video shows

69-year-old Seungae Kim was behind the counter at A&J Convenience, the store she owns and operates with her husband, on Saturday night when a masked man came in and demanded she open the cash register.

She refused. When the man got up on to the counter, Kim and her husband sprung into action. She grabbed the closest thing in reach -- a big bunch of bananas -- are started swinging. And kept swinging.

"Then he jumped up to the counter. My husband pushed him down," Kim told CP24. "Then I was scared my husband was going to be hurt, so I got the bananas and started to hit him so hard and he ran away."

The incident was caught on the store's surveillance video, which shows Kim fighting off the suspect, who fled on foot empty-handed -- but not before she flung the fruit at him as he ran away.

Police strongly advise against getting into physical confrontations with suspects. Thankfully, nobody got hurt in this incident. Well, then again, between the robber and the bananas, somebody probably got bruised.

The suspect is still at large. Anyone with information can call police at 905-453-3311.

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