"Stop the Asian Invasion"? Yeah, we're coming to get you.

Racist car decal spotted on the streets of Alhambra, California.

Well, I suppose it's convenient when racists identify themselves. Especially while driving. This decal, urging no one in particular to "STOP THE ASIAN INVASION!" was spotted on a truck last week on Valley Blvd. in Alhambra, California. That also appears to be a racist caricature of an "Asian" ace in a coolie hat.

A sharp-eyed driver named Steve Kuo spotted the decal and snapped a photo and posted it on the Monterey Park Life Facebook group, imploring the internet to "find this person and contact his boss."

For some perspective, according to the latest U.S. Census figures, the population of the city of Alhambra is 52.9% Asian, in a total population of 83,089. Monterey Park is 66.9% Asian, in a total population of 60,269. Is it safe to assume that this person has a problem with these numbers? Then leave, asshole.

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