This letter claims there's a Coronavirus outbreak. It's fake.

Tell your relatives to stop spreading bullshit on Facebook.

Today in Coronavirus-related racism: a fake letter, purporting to be from an official with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, has been circulating on email and Facebook regarding a supposed Coronavirus outbreak in the South Bay region of Southern California. This is 100% not real.

Letter Claiming Coronavirus Outbreak in Carson is Fake, Officials Say

According to officials, there is no current threat to public health from the Coronavirus in Los Angeles County. But of course, this bullshit hoax letter names actual Asian-owned restaurants and markets in the Carson/Torrance area (including their addresses), declaring them "contaminated.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health says it will distribute accurate and verified case information through official channels in a press release and publichealth.lacounty.gov -- and never via dubious forwarded emails or janky-looking social media posts. So tell your relatives to stop spreading that shit.

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