Marjorie Taylor Greene Acknowledges You, "Yellow People"

Congresswoman refers to "yellow people" during opening remarks at conservative conference.

Okay, so this isn't anywhere near the top of the list of shitty things that Marjorie Taylor Greene has said during her inexplicable political career, but over the weekend the Georgia congresswoman referred to "yellow people" -- um, I think she meant us -- while pushing back against claims of the GOP being a "white supremacist party."

During her opening remarks Sunday at "AmericaFest," a conference organized by conservative group Turning Point USA, Greene attempted to make a case touting the Republican party's alleged diversity by enumerating alllll the different kinds of people who might attend a fine event like this.

"So I've never been to one of these events before," said Greene. "I've heard a little bit about them. I've seen a little bit of this event, this type of event before. And when I walked in yesterday, I was like, 'What kind of people come here?' So I'm walking around and seeing some good people and I see white people, Black people, brown people, yellow people..."

I don't know if I'm more appalled at her utterance of "yellow people" (honestly, I'm neither much appalled nor surprised) or the fact that she might be referring to actual Asians who willingly attended this conference.

Again, this isn't even close to the worst of the gross garbage that Greene regularly spews. But let's not pretend that anyone in that room actually gives a shit about "diversity." If you're okay with a congressperson referring to Asians as "yellow," don't make excuses. Cut the pantomime, just openly be your racist self and be done with it.

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