Your Halloween Costumes 2022

Our annual gallery of awesome reader-submitted Halloween costumes.

All right, good readers. It's that time of year again. In what has become a holiday tradition, I'm putting the call out for your awesome Halloween costume photos. Send in your rad, not-racist costume photos -- cute kids are particularly welcome -- to be considered for inclusion in the annual costume photo roundup. To submit your photos, email angryasianman @ angryasianman.com with the subject line "Halloween Costume 2022" or tag @angryasianman on social media. I'll feature the best ones here in our infamous annual gallery.

Getting things started:

Katy and Shaun

Jobu Tupaki

Demon Slayer Corps

Corpse Bride

V and Grubby Jungkook

Jobu Tapaki

Batman and Ice Dragon Princess

Black Panther Delivery

This is the way.


Jin and Ming

"My panda, my choice, Mom."

Mei and Miriam

Yet another universe.

The gang's all here.

Jobu, you really are everywhere.

Evelyn and Deirdre

Jo Koy, of course.

Hot Dog Evelyn.

Badass Evelyn.

Hot Dog Evelyn again.

Jobu Tupakid

Meilin and Mini Meilin and Ming


Evelyn and Waymond

Taco Liam

RIP Souplantation

Jobu Tupaki is everywhere.

Young Rock


Kung fu hustlin'



Rosie the Riveter

Happy Lemon Boba Tea

Noodle Boy

The Baby Cobra

G.I. Kai

It's me, Robaire.

I suppose if you've haven't seen Everything Everywhere All at Once, this is all so confusing.

Evelyn really is everywhere.



Retailers definitely noticed a boom in sales of stuffed raccoons this year.

Day of the Dead

X-ray visible

Ahsoka Tano

Priscilla and Elvis

Waymond Wang and Mia Thermapolis


Evelyn Jobu All At Once

A Head Scientist and Tenya Iida from My Hero Academia.

Pocket Monster

Another Pocket Monster

Naruto Crew

Gengar and Pikachu

Wok this way

Dinosaur and A Formal Apology

Audrey from The Descendants, Wreck-It-Ralph, and... um, busted Skeletor.

Baby Bob Ross

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Home-made Rings

Bad Sandy and Dracula


Another Jobu

Kristi Yamaguchi

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