the motel dvd winners... and another chance to win

We have a winner! Five winners, actually. Thank you to everyone who sent in an entry for last week's Motel DVD/poster giveaway, courtesy of Palm Pictures. Our five lucky winners are:

Stephen H. of Powell, OH
Nina W. of Philadelphia, PA
Koji S. of San Marino, CA
Brian W. of San Francisco, CA
Davina W. of New York, NY

They're walking away with a shiny new copy of the Motel DVD, as well as an autographed poster. It pays to play! Everyone else who sent in an address will be receiving a funny Motel doorhanger. Hey, it's better than nothing. Michael Kang appreciates the support. But if you're feeling kind of bummed about losing, and still feeling pretty lucky...

...Write a funny story about your mom or dad for another chance to win! In conjunction with the release of both The Motel and Georgia Lee's Red Doors out on DVD today, Asian American mom and dad blogs Kimchi Mamas and Rice Daddies have teamed up for a special giveaway. Basically, you have to tell a funny story about your mom or dad for a chance to win. For details, go here and here. Good luck!

If you're not feeling that lucky, you can always go out and just buy your own copy of The Motel and/or Red Doors... Finally, you can see what all the fuss is about, add a few titles to your collection. Palm is also doing a fun YouTube group to promote the release: Puberty Sucks!, where people can share their stories about puberty. Check out the intro video by star Jeffrey Chyau himself (the kid has grown!). You know you wanna share one.

I also came across an online review of the Motel DVD here: DVD Features Asian-American Adolescent Coming-of-Age Adventure. And here: In 'Motel,' growing up is darkly funny. DVD Talk also has informative reviews for The Motel and Red Doors DVDs. At the very least, stick these films in your Netflix queue for a night in of the latest in Asian American cinema. All right? Enough.

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