guest post by jenny yang: could you be a tragic perfectionist overachiever? 13 tips to get happy, already!

Overachieving Dog Can Handle More Fetch Than Your Dog! (Image via wikiHow)

Aloha! I'm on vacation, taking a much-needed break from blogging for a bit. But it's all good, because I've enlisted the help of some great guest bloggers to keep things going around here. Here's writer, home/office organizer and stand-up comedian Jenny Yang on getting happier in an over-extended, over-perfecting, overachieving world.

I bought a house, gutted and renovated the kitchen and both bathrooms, moved two times, got a promotion, started a loving relationship, began performing standup comedy, quit my job of six years, started a home and office organizing business, created an audio podcast about making a living from your creative passion, worked through a lingering bout with depression, and turned thirty years old -- all in the last two years. What is my freakin' problem?!

I'll be honest. I originally wanted this headline to read, "How I Sorta Stopped Being a Tragic Asian American Model Minority Perfectionist Overachiever Suffering From a Quarterlife Crisis and Got Happier," but that didn't quite roll off the tongue, so it didn't make the cut. Why? 'Cause this headline had to be PERFECT!

At a young age I learned that my worth as a person is determined by how parents, teachers, the school system, and everyone else judged me. To have value meant I must prove I was better than others. This, I later learned, is not the way to win friends and influence people, or the path to happiness.

Hello. My name is Jenny and I'm a Tragic Perfectionist Overachiever.

guest post by wesley chan: before we get there...

Aloha! I'm on vacation, taking a much-needed break from blogging for a bit. But it's all good, because I've enlisted the help of some great guest bloggers to keep things going around here. Here's Wesley Chan, the self-described "mellow guy" of Wong Fu Productions, on what would make him angry.

Hi, my name is Wesley Chan. I am not a blogger. That's not what I do. But I'm going to take shot at it because, seriously, who in their right mind would say no to the Angry Asian Man himself? Trust me. The sense of gratitude I feel can only be rivaled the dreadful fear of boring you Angry readers. But, I shall try my best!

Contrary to its name, I know this blog isn't simply focused on finding reasons to be angry. Sure, there are plenty of everyday Asian American stories we find frustrating, senseless, and more often than not, "WTF" worthy. But let's remember that anger is just one feeling within the intricate spectrum of human emotion. As a community, I'd like to believe we have just as many endeavors and achievements to celebrate as offenses against us.

Now most people know me as Wes, the mellow guy in the trio known as Wong Fu Productions. It's very true -- I don't get angry much. When offered the opportunity to write a guest post, I thought to myself, "What would make me angry?" Aside from the many instances of discrimination so well-reported in this blog, what new subject could possibly taunt the livid beast in me that's so often dormant? In order to get to that question, I'll first need to describe a moment of realization I had several weeks ago.


guest post by jane lui: ms. craigslist

Aloha! I'm on vacation, taking a much-needed break from blogging for a bit. But it's all good, because I've enlisted the help of some great guest bloggers to keep things going around here. Here's singer/songwriter Jane Lui on Craigslist, her favorite things and silly assumptions.

Spoke to a seller on the phone off Craigslist, I arrived, and knocked on her door.

Before any hellos, she looked and said, "Oh but you don't SOUND asian."

guest post by warren furutani: back in the day

Aloha! I'm on vacation, taking a much-needed break from blogging for a bit. But it's all good, because I've enlisted the help of some great guest bloggers to keep things going around here. Here's California Assemblymember Warren Furutani on defining and redefining the Asian and Pacific Islander American community.

"Back in the day," as my sons would say, the term Asian and Pacific Islander American was born of the need to define ourselves rather than let others do it for us. Much like in the African American political movement where Negro became Black and Black became African American; Oriental became Asian and Asian became Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) and all are subject to change because the terms are dynamic and demand to be redefined as our reality changes.

"Back in the day," you couldn't find our newly defined identity in the dictionary or the library card catalogue because the term wasn't historical in nature. It wasn't anthropological or biological. If anything, it was political.


Accents, Act-Sense

Guest Post by Goh Nakamura

Aloha! I'm on vacation, taking a much-needed break from blogging for a bit. But it's all good, because I've enlisted the help of some great guest bloggers to keep things going around here. Here's San Francisco musician Goh Nakamura on auditions and accents.I was hanging out by the JANM about a month ago and was approached/suckered into "auditioning" for a Vonage commercial by a lady with a clipboard. She said there could be some money involved. I had just come from a bar after a few beers and figured "why not?"

guest post by kevjumba: shh! don't say those things!

Aloha! I'm on vacation, taking a much-needed break from blogging for a bit. But it's all good, because I've enlisted the help of some great guest bloggers to keep things going around here. Here's Kevin Wu, aka YouTube's KevJumba, on making videos, keeping it real and embarrassing his mom.

After every video I make, my mom calls to give me her input. Usually to point out the things I shouldn't have talked about or mentioned in my video. I used to find these calls slightly annoying, but now I'm starting to find them entertaining, and even reassuring. What I realized is... If my parents are CONTENT with the things I say in my videos, then I'm doing something WRONG. I'd be playing it safe. Let me explain.

guest post by deanna kitamura: top ten redistricting facts to share at dinner or any angry asian man event

Aloha! I'm on vacation, taking a much-needed break from blogging for a bit. But it's all good, because I've enlisted the help of some great guest bloggers to keep things going around here. Here's Deanna Kitamura of the Asian Pacific American Legal Center dropping some knowledge about California's redistricting process.

Most of the news on redistricting has focused on how the new lines will affect the political future of politicians. However, redistricting is not done for the sake of politicians. It is done so residents' voices are not diluted in the election process. For the past year, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders around the state of California have been working to ensure that the electoral lines are drawn in a way that gives communities a strong voice to collectively advocate for their needs. One of the most significant accomplishments to come out of this year's process in California is the creation of the state's first majority Asian American legislative district.

Top Ten Redistricting Facts to share at dinner or any Angry Asian Man event.
The redistricting process is fairly complicated and not a lot of people know about it. Yet it is important to all communities. Here are a few tidbits to know:


guest post by dave liang: let a hundred flowers bloom (online)

Aloha! I'm on vacation, taking a much-needed break from blogging for a bit. But it's all good, because I've enlisted the help of some great guest bloggers to keep things going around here. Here's Dave Liang of The Shanghai Restoration Project, who interviews one of the founders of NeochaEDGE.

As producer of The Shanghai Restoration Project, I'm always inspired when I see others presenting China to the world in an innovative way. One such company that falls into this category is NeochaEDGE, a Shanghai based web magazine and creative agency that matches Chinese artists with the likes of Absolut Vodka, Adidas, Coach, and Nike. Since coming on the scene in 2007, its unique business model has caught the attention of many, including the BBC, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and most recently The New York Times.

I've had the pleasure of working with NeochaEDGE on several projects over the past few years and was thrilled to have an opportunity to share this wonderful Chinese creativity with the readers of Angry Asian Man. Below you will find a recent reel and a transcript of my interview with Chinese-American Sean Leow, one of the founders of NeochaEDGE:

guest post by kai ma: top 10 things that anger me in asia

Aloha! I'm on vacation, taking a much-needed break from blogging for a bit. But it's all good, because I've enlisted the help of some great guest bloggers to keep things going around here. Here's Kai Ma on how she's been holding it down in Hong Kong.

As you probably know, Hong Kong is a lively and bustling metropolis, a former British colony and now "special administrative region" of China that is swarming with people and twinkling with lights. Back in May, I left Los Angeles to move to this island-city-state and I quickly became charmed by my new urban home. I eat mooncakes, ride a double decker tram called the "ding-ding," and live in a studio above a store called "Inducer: Sexy Lingerie." What I adore the most? My elderly Chinese neighbor who often wears a t-shirt emblazoned with the words "FUCK YOU" in huge block letters.

But there are many aspects of Hong Kong life that are frustrating: the humidity, small and overpriced apartments, cockroaches, poor umbrella etiquette, asthma-inducing air pollution -- the list goes on. So in the spirit of this blog, here's a list of the top reasons I'm an Angry Asian in Asia.

*Disclaimer: I really do like Hong Kong, sometimes, I even love it, but who wants to read about happy Asians?


guest post by beau sia: the apia spoken word summit

Aloha! I'm on vacation, taking a much-needed break from blogging for a bit. But it's all good, because I've enlisted the help of some great guest bloggers to keep things going around here. Here's Beau Sia on what the APIA Spoken Word Summit means to him.

since 2001, poets and spoken word artists of asian descent have been gathering every two years, to participate in the apia spoken word summit. filled with workshops, panels, and performances, "summit" (as it has come to be known) is five days of building community, inspiring community, and the sharing of stories and experiences. for many, the summit is where they are not marginalized and feel supported to share, with acceptance, the depths of their identity and challenges living in this nation as a person of asian descent.

this is not an indictment of the greater community we all share as human beings in the united states, but rather, a celebration of a self often not reflected in the textbooks, media, and mainstream culture of this country.

guest post by jen kwok: do what you've always wanted to do!

Aloha! I'm on vacation, taking a much-needed break from blogging for a bit. But it's all good, because I've enlisted the help of some great guest bloggers to keep things going around here. Here's Jen Kwok on quitting your "professional, stereotypically first generation-y job" to follow your dreams.

OK guys, I have to get all inspirational and self help-y on this one. When Angry asked me to guest blog, I knew I wanted to say something to my peeps that meant a lot to me and might be able to help someone (other than telling you guys to f*** each other).


guest post by adam warrock: the chinky eyed dance

Aloha! I'm on vacation, taking a much-needed break from blogging for a bit. But it's all good, because I've enlisted the help of some great guest bloggers to keep things going around here. Here's Eugene Ahn, aka nerdcore emcee Adam WarRock, with a very special song.

So Phil asked me to write one of his posts while he's away. As I sat down to write something substantive (his terms: it has to be sort of about Asian American stuff), I realized that I am a terrible writer. I honestly don't know how he, or any of you professional bloggers do it. I asked Phil if he'd let me take the easy way out and write a song.

angry reader of the week: konrad ng

Aloha! It's time to meet another Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Konrad Ng.

Who are you?
Director of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program. A professor in the Academy for Creative Media at the University of Hawaii. Mister to the sister. Dad of Monkey and Rat.

What are you?
To some in the galaxy, a bag of mostly water.



All right! Got my tickets and my bags are packed. I'm off on vacation, and that means I get a much-needed break from blogging for the next ten days or so. I respectfully ask that folks hold off on emailing me until after Labor Day, for the sake of my sanity. Trying to maintain that vacation vibe, dig?  But don't worry, I've enlisted the help of some cool guest bloggers to keep things going while I'm away, so please do check back in. See you next month. Aloha!


nakasec/krcc joint benefit: we walk one path united, september 17

For those of you in Chicago, NAKASEC and the Korean American Resource and Culture Center invite you to their 16th annual benefit dinner: We Walk One Path United, a joint fundraiser. The evening will include performances, an awards ceremony and fabulous raffle prizes. It's happening Saturday, September 17 at the Crown Plaza Chicago O'Hare. Here are some more details:

hershey's is exploiting student guestworkers

Last week, hundreds of student guestworkers from around the world were joined by unemployed U.S. workers and labor leaders in a factory sit-in at the Hershey Chocolate Company packing plant in Pennsylvania. Their protest: Hershey: Stop Exploiting Student Guestworkers.

Hundreds of foreign exchange students paid to come to America this summer, expecting opportunities to learn English and experience American culture. Instead, they found themselves forced into back-breaking work, packing chocolate at the Hersey's plant. Here's their story:

target commercial: 2nd grade teacher

I've been meaning to write about this Target commercial for over a month... Yes, another Target commercial, this time featuring an Asian second-grade teacher who is very excited about the upcoming school year. This super enthusiastic (Filipina?) educator's got the list of back-to-school supplies your kid is going to need:

poetry: whorled by ed bok lee

Just heard about Whorled, a new collection poetry by bestselling author Ed Bok Lee, whose work explores themes of globalization, transmigration, the legacy of Asian wars in America, race, class, and religious conflicts. That is a lot of stuff to cover! But that's where the poetry took him.

Ed Bok Lee's debut book Real Karaoke People was a national bestseller in poetry and the winner of a Many Voices Prize, an Asian American Literary Award and a PEN/Open Book Award. So it sure sounds like he knows what he's doing. Here's the publisher's description of Whorled:

new music: I'll be ok ep by jack tung

Hey, here's some new music to get your ears ringing... San Francisco-based math rock/IDM instrumentalist Jack Tung recently I'll Be OK, a digital-only 4-track EP. I've been listening to it over the last two days and I'm really enjoying it. At first, I found it a little maddening, and then it became quite melodic... and now I'm falling back into madness again. And I dig it! Preview it below:

marine committed suicide after hazing incident

Back in April, we heard about the death of 21-year-old Harry Lew, who was serving in Afghanistan. According to this post over at KoreAm, some more details have emerged about Lew's death, and the circumstances are tragic: Congresswoman's Nephew Commits Suicide After Marine Hazing Incident.

First of all, I had no idea that Lew was Congresswoman Judy Chu's nephew. At the time of his death, the Defense Department didn't really disclose any details on how he died. But according to the Marine Corps Times, Lew committed suicide after a hazing incident involving two other Marines:

han sulu

My fellow geeks! Star Wars meets Star Trek in the most unlikely way. What if your favorite space smuggling captain of the Milennium Falcon melded his awesomeness with the swashbuckling helmsman of the original U.S.S. Enterprise? You get this nerdtastic t-shirt: Han Sulu.

I'm surprised nobody thought of this sooner (somebody probably did). All kinds of crazy thoughts start swirling around my brain when you begin to imagine the strange parallel universe where George Takei played Han Solo and Harrison Ford played Hikaru Sulu. And all it took was a silly sci-fi pun. (Thanks, Matt.)

a new stereotype for asian americans in advertising?

This is an interesting Washington Post article looking at a recent trend of Asian Americans appearing in television advertising as technological experts -- "knowledgeable, saavy, perhaps mathematically adept or intellectually gifted" -- usually in commercials for stuff like smartphones, computers and other electronic gear: Asian Americans face new stereotype in ads.


what's your story? video challenge

The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders has launched What's Your Story?, an online video challenge asking participants to submit personal stories about people who have had an impact on the people around them.

The goal is to explore the personal stories of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders across the country who have impacted their community through their dreams, experiences, and dedication to a cause. Check out this video for more information:

saalt's map of 9/11 anniversary events

We're quickly coming up on the tenth anniversary of September 11th. As community members come together for reflection, remembrance, and dialogue, here's a helpful resource highlighting some of the events that will be happening.

South Asian American Leading Together (SAALT) has officially launched a map that points you to discussions, vigils, forums and other events happening across the country: List of 9/11 Ten Year Anniversary Events.

the zombie engagement photos... set to music!

By now, you've heard of Ben and Juliana, the badass couple facing off against a zombie in those awesome engagement photos that went viral last week. But if you can't get enough of them, check out this cool video by our composer pal George Shaw, who actually wrote a score and set the photos to music:

brenda song carries the spawn of cyrus

I am not in the habit of posting who's-dating-who, who-having-a-baby celebrity gossip stuff, but I'm getting bombarded with this one left and right. When I read this headline, I felt a deep sadness that rattled my soul: Yes, Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus are pregnant. For real.

There really are no words. Well, maybe two: Aunt Miley. I'll leave it at that.

gene luen yang is writing the new avatar: the last airbender comic book

Some great news for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender... While we wait in anticipation for The Legend of Korra, the upcoming spinoff of the phenomenally popular Nickelodeon animated series, you can get your Airbender fix early next year with an all-new comic book from Dark Horse. Hell yeah!

"you can make the asians do anything. they can drink their own piss."

Are you kidding me? This Design Obsever blog post by Mark Lamster points us to some interesting remarks from architect and urban planner Andres Duany, who apparently has a big problem with really tall buildings... and Asians. Specifically, the current skyscraper boom going on in Asia and "their little cubicles in the sky": Andres Duany's Asian Problem.

teaser trailer for aung san suu kyi biopic the lady

Yahoo! Movies just dropped the new teaser trailer for The Lady, the upcoming movie biopic based on the life of Burmese democracy leader, political prisoner and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, directed by Luc Besson and starring Michelle Yeoh. This is the film that got Michelle Yeoh blacklisted and banned from entering Myanmar. Take a look:

filipino health workers win discrimination lawsuit against baltimore hospital

Remember that story out of Baltimore about the Filipina nurses who were fired for speaking Tagalog? Corina Capunitan-Yap, Anna Rowena Rosales, Jazziel Granada and Hachelle Natano said they were fired from Bon Secours Hospital in April 2010 without warning or due process. Yo, that's discrimination.

But here's the good news: Last week, the four workers won the discrimination lawsuit they filed against the Bon Secours Health System. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that the workers were indeed subjected to workplace discrimination: Fil-Ams win US racial suit.


aadap presents showtime 2011, august 27

If you're in Southern California this weekend, check out this great concert for a great cause... You're invited to Showtime 2011, the 18th Annual Benefit Concert for the Asian American Drug Abuse Program (AADAP). They're celebrating 39 years of serving the community and "changing lives and saving families."

The concert will feature some of favorite folks, including Clara C, David Choi, Jennifer Chung, Feats in Inches and The Bricks. It's happening Saturday, August 27 at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center. Here are some more details about the event:

asian american studies alumni survey

Did you major or minor in Asian American Studies?

I recently heard from Emily Le, a graduate student working on a survey project assessing the Asian American Studies program at UCLA. They're looking for participants to complete an online survey regarding their experience as Asian American Studies majors and minors. Here's some more information about what they're looking for and how this data will be used:

music video: "not one for words" by afterschoolspecial

Check it out. San Diego-based rap-rock band afterschoolspecial recently dropped this official music video for "Not One For Words." A little more on the mellow tip and yet it still keeps up the intensity, thanks to the lyrical stylings of DANakaDAN. Take a look:

justin lin signs a two-year deal with universal; 442nd regimental combat team movie in the works

Super-huge congratulations to director Justin Lin, who has reportedly signed a two-year first-look deal with Universal for his newly created production company Barnstorm Pictures: 'Fast Five' Director Justin Lin Inks Universal Deal, Sets Production Slate (Exclusive).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Barnstorm Pictures will be based on the Universal lot. Big props also go to Elaine Chin, a former development exec at 20th Century Fox and HBO Films (and contributor at YOMYOMF), who has been hired as the company's president of production.

Justin's already got some cool-sounding projects in development, including an untitled World War II movie about the celebrated 442nd Regimental Combat Team -- something I know he's been wanting to make for a long time:

fund this: indie feature film nightdreamblues

I recently heard from actor/producer Brian Yang (you may have seen him briefly on Hawaii Five-0 last season as "Charlie Fong"), who tells me about nightdreamblues, an independent feature film that's currently trying to raise some cash for production.

Written by West Liang and directed by Nadine Truong, the film is a drama that centers on one summer night in Los Angeles, exploring the strained relationship between three high school friends, now in their 30s, whose lives have turned out to be nothing like they had imagined. Here's a one-minute temp trailer:

city of houston trade director helen chang dies

In Houston, friends, colleagues and city officials are mourning the death of Helen T. Chang, an international trade specialist who served under four mayors. A pioneer in the city's political circles, she died Tuesday after a battle with cancer. She was 67: Chang, international face for Houston, dead at 67.

Chang was the first Asian-American to task a mayoral transition team, working with Mayor Bob Lanier after his election in 1992. She went on to serve during the administrations of Lee P. Brown, Bill White and current mayor Annise Parker. She was also a strong supporter of many local cultural and civic organizations:

what's up with wat-aah! bottled water?

Joke: What's Bruce Lee's favorite drink?
Answer: Wah-taaaah!

It's an old joke. You've probably heard it before. I once actually heard Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou tell it to a bunch of journalists on the set of The Green Hornet. Before that, some kid told it to me on the playground. In 5th grade.

Anyway, why do I bring this up? WAT-AAH! is also an actual brand of bottled water aimed at kids. It's been around since 2008. They were apparently handing out these bottles at a recent Beyonce concert in New York.

reunion at heart mountain

Over the weekend, hundreds of Japanese Americans who were interned during World War II returned to the Heart Mountain Relocation Center in Wyoming -- many for the first time -- for a reunion and museum opening. Many of the men and women, now in their 70s, were young children when they were interned: A Japanese internment camp revisited.


read these blogs

Forever 21 Steals Songs As Well: Singer-songwriter David Choi was recently surprised to find lyrics from his song "That Girl" embossed on a t-shirt sold by clothing retail giant (and notoriously shameless design copycat) Forever 21.

Why Does The Internet Want Jackie Chan Dead? For some reason, the internet keeps coming up with these weird hoaxes insisting that action movie star Jackie Chan has died... and people keep believing them.

Screenwriting & Writing Race: Screenwriter Koji Steven Sakai talks about the importance of being overt about the name/age/gender/sexual orientation/class of your character in order to ensure color/diversity is added to your projects.

One September: As we quickly approach the ten-year anniversary of September 11, spoken word artist Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai looks back and recalls the events of that confusing, horrifying, profound morning that everything changed.


kollaboration san francisco, september 10

Hey Bay Area! Make sure you mark your calendar for the second annual Kollabration SF, the Bay Area edition of the world-famous Asian American talent show movement. Featuring some of the community's best and brightest up-and-coming acts, it's happening Saturday, September 10 at UC Berkeley's Zellerbach Hall. Here's a cool promo video featuring this year's competitors doing their rendition of "Price Tag":

spread the word: aajc youth advisory council student capacity survey

Hey, student leaders... Have you taken the Asian American Justice Center Youth Advisory Council's Student Capacity Survey? (I posted it earlier this year.) Take the next step and urge other students on your campus to take the survey too. The top five organizers will be rewarded 20% codes from Southwest Airlines. Some quick and easy steps:

how to re-invent your crappy american brand in asia

This is largely an excuse for me to post this weird-ass photo of a bunch of Asian kids (in "whiteface"?) dressed as KFC's Colonel Sanders... but this is a pretty interesting article about sagging American brands -- with not-so-great reputations here stateside -- that have smartly managed to reinvent themselves as elite and high-end luxury brands in Asia: Huge in Asia. For example, Kentucky Fried Chicken:

yuja wang's little orange dress kicks classical music's ass

Chinese pianist Yuja Wang caused a hell of a stir when she played earlier this month at the Hollywood Bowl. But it wasn't the 24-year-old soloist's performance of Rachmaninoff's Third Piano Concerto that had people talking -- it was her teeny little body-hugging orange dress. Va-voom: Classical gasp: Yuja Wang's dress at the Bowl causes a crescendo.

angry reader of the week: andrew t. medina

Greetings, good citizens. It's time to meet another Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Andrew T. Medina.

caam's himalayan youth project

Recently got the good news that our friends at the Center for Asian American Media have been awarded a $15,000 grant from Asian Pacific Fund to produce Himalayan Youth Voices, a collection of short videos by and about Himalayan-American youth.

The videos will premiere at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival in March 2012 and made available on the CAAM website. Here's part of the press release:

the greatest engagement photos ever... with zombies!

Ben and Juliana are a cute Southern California couple getting married this fall. Not content with a session of the usual run-of-the-mill engagement photos, they decided to show you what happens when muthaeffin' zombies mess with this happy/badass couple. Until the undead do us part!

man threatens girlfriend, challenges her to naked sword duel

Asians behaving badly... naked sword duel edition! In truth, there was no actual naked sword duel. But let record reflect that a challenge was indeed issued: Police: Attorney challenged woman to naked sword duel.

This week in Florida, a man was arrested after he threatened to kill his girlfriend as he challenged her to a naked sword duel. 36-year-old defense attorney Terry Lee Locy faces counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence battery. And the crazy part is, it really did all happen in the buff:


g.i. joe search & rescue benefit concert, august 20

Earlier this year, we heard about the tragic death of 20-year-old missing hiker Joe Le, whose body was found by volunteers two days after he fell and was swept away by currents into the San Gabriel River.

Joe's disappearance and death inspired loved ones to start G.I. Joe Search & Rescue, a volunteer organization that assists in locating missing persons. The organization's membership is primarily comprised of Asian American volunteers who have actively assisted in several searches since its inception.

This weekend in Orange County, G.I. Joe will be hosting a benefit concert to raise critical funds to continue its operations. The evening will feature performances from Andrew Figueroa Chiang, Hinobi, The Fung Brothers and more. It's happening Saturday, August 20 at Acced Group Media in Fountain Valley. Here are some more details:

ten years after 9/11: a community hearing, august 20

This weekend, the South Asian Network, South Asian Americans Leading Together and the State of California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs are hosting a community hearing about the impact of 9/11 on South Asians in Southern California and other community members.

The hearing will address issues of surveillance, racial profiling, immigration enforcement, hate crimes, bullying and workplace discrimination. It's happening Saturday, August 20 at the Artesia Community Center. Here are some more details:

in theaters: philippine-american war drama amigo

Amigo, acclaimed veteran director John Sayles' drama set against The Philippine-American War, opens in limited release this Friday, August 19 from Variance Films. Filmed and edited entirely in the Philippines, Amigo tells the story of a fictional village caught between the arrival of American soldiers and the Philippine rebels, fresh from victory over Spanish colonial rule. Watch the trailer:

jose antonio vargas to keynote advancing justice conference

The Advancing Justice Conference is a national civil rights and social justice conference that aims to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders in one place to address a broad range of issues facing the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. It's happening October 27-28 in San Francisco.

This week, conference organizers announced that DREAMer activist, writer and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas will be kicking things off and sharing his dynamic story as the keynote speech of the conference. Here's some more information about Jose's background:

sriracha is awesome, part five

Vickie Chang of the OC Weekly has rounded up a handful of cool and crafty Etsy items dedicated to sweet, spicy sauce of goodness we all know and love, Sriracha: Sriracha: Five Etsy Items to Show Your Rooster Sauce Devotion.

Seriously, what baby couldn't use a Sriracha onesie?

panda express sued for discrimination against latino employees

Asians behaving badly... fake Chinese food edition! Well, it's probably not the fault of the bad food, but this is messed up.

The federal government has filed a discrimination lawsuit against a Panda Express restaurant in San Jose for making its Latino workers clean toilets and perform other crappy tasks while Asian employees stood by and enjoyed an easier workload: Feds: San Jose Panda Express made Hispanic employees clean toilets while Asian workers watched.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the restaurant's general manager gave Latino workers fewer hours and more menial jobs while Asian employees were permitted to stand around and watch:

georgetown and chinese team get into a big-ass bench-clearing basketball brawl

Daaaamn. This was supposed to be a goodwill trip to China. The photo above is all hell breaking loose in an full-on melee between members of Georgetown's basketball team and the Bayi Rockets, in which blows were exchanged, chairs were thrown, and spectators reportedly tossed full water bottles: Fight ends Georgetown basketball exhibition in China. Let's go to the video:

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