pk: who is clicking no on this?

Real quick, some support for my friend PK, a standup comedian who's currently in an online contest to open for Pauly Shore in Las Vegas. Watch the video here: Who is Clicking No On This?. If you think it's funny, share and pass it along. And for more from PK, check out his YouTube channel here.

final reminder: win an ong bak ass kicking dvd prize pack

UPDATE: The contest is now closed! Thanks to all who entered to win the Ong Bak Ass Kicking DVD Prize Pack. Winners will be notified shortly.

Anyone interested in winning some free DVDs? Just throwing out one final reminder about the Ong Bak Ass Kicking DVD Prize Pack giveaway...

To celebrate the release of Tony Jaa's Ong Bak 3 (now available on VOD, XBOX, Playstation and Amazon.com), I'm giving away one martial arts DVD prize pack that includes copies of Ong Bak, Ong Bak 2, Chocolate, Exiled and Dynamite Warrior, courtesy of Magnet Releasing. (Okay, Exiled is not a martial arts movie, but that's what they're giving me.)

To enter for your chance to win...


janm and giant robot present zen garage

If you're in Los Angeles, be sure to check out this cool concept exhibition at the Japanese American National Museum: Zen Garage, a collaboration between JANM and Giant Robot, beginning this week as part of its continuing "Salon Pop" series. The display explores the essential idea of Zen as a point of design inspiration:

harry shum jr. in 3 minutes teaser trailer

Coming soon! Take a look at this extra teas-y thirteen-second teaser trailer for 3 Minutes, an upcoming action thriller short film directed by Ross Ching, and starring Harry Shum Jr. from Glee and Stephen "tWitch" Boss from So You Think You Can Dance. Check it out:

youtube airline pilot comes forward

The airline pilot who sparked controversy after posting a "cellphone video tour of security at San Francisco International Airport," has gone public with this identity: Chris Liu, who gave an exclusive interview with KXTV News 10 in Sacramento: Chris Liu: I am the YouTube airline pilot.

Liu, who did not identify what airline he was affiliated with, says he posted the video to highlight "what he believes is a serious flaw in airport security." As you can probably imagine, the Transportation Security Administration wasn't very happy about that.


meet yiyun lu, the "fail whale" artist

If you're a frequent user of Twitter, you'll probably recognize the illustration above. It's image that appears when Twitter is overloaded and can't quite function. It's the most famous failure on the internet.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently ran a story on Yiying Lu, the artist behind the "fail whale" -- her most famous illustration -- which has apparently inspired a fan movement": Yiying Lu makes splash with Twitter's 'fail whale.'

pennsylvania governor ed rendell: "the chinese are kicking our butt in everything" -- even imaginary football games

Another idiotic comment from the mouth of an elected official... This time, it's Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, who was complaining about the NFL's decision to move the Philadelphia Eagles' home game against the Minnesota Vikings from Sunday night to Tuesday evening, due to the huge-ass winter storm that slammed the East Coast: Governor Ed Rendell sounds off.

According to Rendell, the decision is really about the "toughness," or lack thereof, of the United States. Calling America "a nation of wusses," he then goes on to describe an imaginary football game in which hordes of Chinese spectators are marching down to a frozen stadium, calculators in hand:


read these blogs

Judicial nominees deserve better: Here's a good Los Angeles Times editorial on why UC Berkeley law professor Goodwin Liu and federal magistrate Edward Chen, judicial nominees who have been stuck in confirmation limbo, should be confirmed before a new congressional session begins.

My Middle Name: Check out this beautifully written blog post over at The Busy Dad Blog on growing up Asian and dealing with dumbass bullies, "ching chongs," and an embarrassing, un-pronounce-able middle name.

'Did you eat?' means 'I love you' — Deciphering our families at Christmas: Frances Kai-Hwa Wang's latest 'Adventures in Multicultural Living' column is a fun holiday-themed about friends, food, and of course, lots of awkward-but-loving family time with our immigrant parents.


angry gift guide: sulu pour homme

Boldly go! With the fragrance every man needs to live a life of awesomeness. With Sulu Pour Homme, you'll always be ready for action. This is not a joke! This is an actual fragrance from Genki Wear. Here's the description:

asian students praised in south philly high school settlement

Nice to hear some good news out of Philadelphia for a change... Here's a Philadlephia Inquirer article from a couple of days ago, giving credit to the Asian students at South Philadelphia High School for their role in the two landmark anti-Asian harassment settlements recently filed with the the state Human Relations Commission and the federal government: Asian students praised for role in 2 Philly school settlements.

At a recent meeting of the Human Relations Commission, commissioners, staff, community advocates, and city school officials praised the settlement, which stemmed from school violence on December 3, 2009, when thirty Asian students were targeted and attacked at South Philadelphia High.

kollaboration toronto 2011 auditions

Hey Toronto! Some news from the Kollaboration movement... If you're in the area, Kollaboration Toronto is holding auditions for its annual Asian American talent show. They're happening January 9 and 15 at 7 Hart House Circle at University of Toronto St. George. Have you got what it takes? Here's some basic information:

teens honored for turning in bank robbery cash

This week in Cupertino, California, two teens were honored by the city council, the sheriff's office and the Bank of America for their help in recovering money and evidence from a bank robbery: 2 Cupertino High teens honored for turning in cash, evidence from bank robbery.

Tobias Shin and Andrew Yoon were walking on the street when they found $180 and a white Halloween mask scattered across the neighborhood. Turns out the cash -- plus about $40,000 more -- had been stolen just minutes earlier from a Bank of America down the street.

music video: "lovefriend" by duette

That's Tex and Angela of Duette, an indiepop band out of Dallas, "named after the feeling that there needed to be more songs with guy and girl vocals that kids could sing together." I recently sampled some of their music and rather enjoyed it. Here's the official music video for their song "Lovefriend." Check it out:

brother of harry potter actress pleads guilty to assault

In England, the brother of Afshan Azad, who plays Padma Patil in the Harry Potter movies, has pleaded guilty to assaulting her. The attack was apparently over her relationship with a Hindu man, outside their Muslim religion: Brother of 'Harry Potter' Actress Guilty of Assaulting Her.

28-year-old Ashraf Azad will be sentenced in Manchester Crown Court in January. According to the BBC, Azad said that in addition to the physical attack, both her father and brother threatened to kill her. However, they were both cleared of the threat charges:

racists officially hate thor

File under f#@%ing idiotic... Fellow geeks are well aware of the Thor movie in the works for next summer. Based on the Marvel Comics superhero, the movie tells the story of the mythical hammer-wielding Norse god of thunder who descends to Earth to battle evil.

Cool, right? Apparently not cool for the Council of Conservative Citizens, an organization calling for a boycott of the movie because a character is being played by a black actor: Council Of Conservative Citizens Calls For Boycott Of Thor Over Black Actor.

entrepreneur names allen kim 'college entrepreneur of 2010'

Entrepreneur magazine has named Allen Kim, an industrial operations engineering major at the University of Michigan, the College Entrepreneur of 2010, for his startup company Bebarang, which is best described as "Netflix for baby clothes": University of Michigan student named Entrepreneur magazine's College Entrepreneur of the Year.

The idea came into his head last year when his aunt, who had a baby, was complaining about how expensive baby clothes were. Drawing inspiration from the movie mail rental service Netflix, he's found a way for parents to dress their babies at a low rental rate:

new music: winter pigeons by ::m∆de::in::heights::

Whenever Blue Scholars drops an email with some new music, I have to share... ::M∆DE::IN::HEIGHTS:: is side project featuring Sabzi and his vocalist friend Kelsey, who got together to produce this cool four-song EP, Winter Pigeons (Songs To Raise Your dead Spirits), just in time for the holiday season. Have yourself a merry little listen on the handy widget below:

were the three wise men from china?

Since it's Christmas... here's an interesting little wrinkle in the Nativity story. According one short passage in the New Testament, a group of mysterious travelers from the East -- popularly known as the Three Wise Men, or the Magi -- traveled to Bethlehem to pay their respects at the birth of Jesus Christ, bringing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

But when we say "the East," just how far East? A religious scholar's new analysis of a little-known eighth century manuscript, "the Revelation of the Magi," uncovers a new version of the Three Wise Men story with some intriguing possibilities. Like: Were the Three Wise Men from China?


sun feifei and du juan in h&m ad campaign

I was at the mall the other day and spotted this stunning image of Chinese models Sun FeiFei and Du Juan as part of clothing chain H&M's holiday 2010 ad campaign. Here's their other photo from the same campaign:

angry gift guide: donate to aaldef

If you're still thinking about your year-end charitable giving, please consider making a contribution to the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, one of the most influential and important organizations doing work to defend the civil rights of Asian Americans across the country. This year, AALDEF won several significant victories for the community, including:

rep. anh 'joseph' cao meets his biggest fan

Here's a neat story on New Orleans' Rep. Anh 'Joseph' Cao, the first Vietnamese American to serve in Congress, who recently took some time to meet and talk with a fellow Vietnamese American -- 8-year-old Ben Stokely: Joseph Cao meets young admirer on Capitol Hill.

Ben, who was adopted from Vietnam when he was 8 months old, is the same age as Cao was when he came to the United States as a refugee in 1975. Ben and his parents met with Rep. Cao in the Rayburn House Office Building cafeteria.

The kid came prepared with questions:

gong li stars in what women want remake

Chinese actress Gong Li appears to be channeling leading lady Helen Hunt in her latest movie, What Women Want, a Chinese remake of the 2000 Hollywood romantic comedy, in which a chauvinistic executive accidentally gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking.

Best known for work in acclaimed period dramas like Zhang Yimou's Raise the Red Lantern and Chen Kaige's Farewell My Concubine, this is apparently her first time playing a contemporary, modern woman in a Chinese film. Here's a recent interview she did with the Hollywood Reporter: Chinese actress Gong Li remakes "What Women Want."

music video: "home" by the suzan

This is the very fun, somewhat psychadelic music video for "Home" by the Japanese all-girl pop-rock band The Suzan, featuring sisters Rie and Saori and friends Nico and Ikue. The crazy kaleidoscope visuals are a perfect complement to the song's spunky, upbeat flavor. Take a look:

cleveland teens charged in robbery/murder of chinese food delivery man

Last week in Cleveland, two teenagers were charged with aggravated murder, attempted murder, felonious assault and aggravated robbery in the attack on a couple delivering Chinese food last August: Teens charged in slaying of Chinese food deliveryman.

what I'm listening to: andrew figueroa chiang and the blazing rays of the sun

Check out the new self-titled debut EP from Andrew Figueroa Chiang and the Blazing Rays of the Sun. Not only does he have the coolest band name, that's just about the happiest album cover I've ever seen. The tunes are pretty good too! Also quite cool and happy. Take a little listen, courtesy of the Bandcamp widget below:

uc san diego grad student facing deportation

I recently learned about the plight of Mark Farrales, a UC San Diego graduate student who grew up in the United States, but is now facing imminent deportation to the Philippines, and needs the community's help: UC San Diego grad student scrambling to avoid deportation.

Farrales was brought to the U.S. by his parents when he was ten. Seeking political asylum, his father repeatedly applied and was denied legal status, before dying in 2006. Meanwhile, Mark built an impressive, promising life for himself. Now 31-years-old, deportation threatens to take it all away:

dramafever presents short films from acv's 2010-11 national festival tour

This is pretty cool... DramaFever has partnered up with Asian CineVision to present a special curated online selection of Short films from the 2010-11 National Festival Tour, a year-long extension of Asian American International Film Festival in New York City.

Showcasing the work of some of the best up-and-coming filmmakers from the United States, South Korea, China and Taiwan, the short films are a collection of eighteen narrative, documentary, experimental and animation works, all available for viewing online here.

new plaque commemorates vincent chin case

Yesterday in Ferndale, Michigan, community members unveiled a new plaque commemorating the life and brutal 1982 beating death of Vincent Chin, and the important legacy of the landmark case that galvanized the Asian American community and spurred major legal changes: Vincent Chin's beating death spurred changes in Michigan law.

Chin was beaten to death by two men who blamed him for losing their auto jobs to foreign cars. His last whispered words -- "It's not fair" -- were eerily prescient. His killers, Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz were given no jail time, $3000 in fines and three years of probation apiece -- a sentence that sparked outrage among Asian Americans across the nation.


big bird goes to china... again

Some of you might be old enough to remember this... Back in 1983, the Children's Television Workshop and China Central Television teamed up to produce Big Bird in China, a primetime special that aired on NBC.

I'm not making this up! In the special, Big Bird, Barkley and Little Xiao Fu traveled through China to find Feng Huang, the Phoenix bird. Along the way, they walk along the Great Wall, learn the "little duckling dance" and pick up a few Chinese words. And Oscar the Grouch digs a hole to China.

Twenty-seven years later, it looks like Big Bird is going back to China in the new series Sesame Street's Big Bird Looks at the World, a co-production between Sesame Workshop and Shanghai Toonmax for Chinese television: Big Bird to Get Makeover in Mandarin.

music video: "spacetalk" by my parasol

Check out this cool video of Los Angeles-based electronic/indie pop band My Parasol doing a live performance -- in the forest -- of their song "Spacetalk." I'm told their sound is sometimes called "future pop." I dig it. It's a really nice tune, and a beautifully shot video. Take a look:

angry gift guide: donate to visual communications

Visual Communications in Los Angeles is the premier non-profit organization in the nation dedicated to the honest and accurate portrayals of the Asian Pacific American people, communities and heritage through the media arts.

They're doing important, powerful work on behalf of independent Asian American media, but they need your help. As the year draws to a close, please consider making a 100% tax-deductible donation to Visual Communications. Your donation will help support a variety of awesome programs.

asian american couple in lowe's commercial

Check out this Lowes commercial I've been seeing a lot lately... It features an Asian American couple doing a little holiday shopping at the hardware store. It's a silly, quaint little spot, but I do appreciate that these are roles that could have been played by just about any other pair of actors, regardless of race.

I believe that's actor Ryun Yu (who's also in this commercial), but I don't recognize the actress. Anybody got an identification? (Thanks, Rob.)

asian pacific islander minnesotans artists directory

Calling all APIA artists in Minnesota... Got this passed along to me recently, and thought I'd help spread the word. So they're putting together a list of Minnesotan APIA artists, for a directory to be published in 2011. If you or anyone you know would like to be included in the directory, read on:

time traveling: remember to bring the toilet paper

As you know, I'm a bit of a sci-fi geek, and a big sucker for time travel narratives... even when they come in the form of this rather weird but amusing Chinese 7up commercial that's making the rounds.

Everybody knows that time travel is something you just don't mess with. But the poor, stubborn guy in this ad learns the hard way, many times over. And no one ever thinks, man, if I ever get to time travel, I have to remember to bring a roll of toilet paper. Smart.

twenty-five asian restaurants robbed in south carolina lowcountry since april

Last week in South Carolina, the men responsible for a string of Asian restaurant robberies apparently struck again, this time broadening their scope to include an Italian restaurant: Robbers hit 2 adjacent restaurants.

In Moncks Corner, masked bandits simultaneously robbed a pizzeria and a Chinese restaurant. Investigators believe the robberies might be connected to the string of at least 25 Asian restaurant robberies in the area since April:

liberty in north korea: become a nomad

Have you got what it takes to be a Nomad? Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) is looking for outgoing, resourceful and passionate individuals to be Nomads for North Korea, touring the country and educating young people about the country's humanitarian crisis. Watch this video to hear from those who have done it themselves:

asians sleeping in the library

Lots of folks have been writing in to tell me about this Tumblr site: asians sleeping in the library. Basically, it's a bunch photos of Asian students... sleeping in the library. And other academic facilities. Kind of funny, right? Right?

Fellow Asians, are you with me? I mean, on one level, I can appreciate this. I certainly wouldn't have called myself the most disciplined college student, but I do recall more than a few snoozes with my head perched on top of a textbook. At the library.

tell governor schwarzenegger to pardon eddy zheng

I've been familiar with Eddy Zheng's story for the better part of a decade now... after many ups and downs, he needs the community's support again: Community Activist, Ex-Con Eddy Zheng Faces Deportation.

Eddy served over twenty years behind bars for a robbery he committed at age 16. Since then, he's turned his life around and become a valuable, passionate educator, activist and community leader in the San Francisco Bay Area. But now, he faces deportation to China.

Eddy has dedicated his life to preventing youth violence and delinquency through his work at the Community Youth Center, Community Response Network, and many other Bay Area programs and organizations.

Unfortunately, flawed immigration laws make Eddy deportable to China, even though he's already served his sentence and was found suitable to re-enter society by Governor Schwarzenegger himself. Here's some background:


angry gift guide: voltron usb drive

Saw this on Boing Boing, and I had to get it. That's right, geek out now. It's a freaking Voltron 2GB USB Drive from Incubot. Complete with Blazing Sword! Designed by Alen Yen, it's officially licensed, and comes pre-loaded with a full episode of classic Voltron. Here are the product details:

aaldef spring 2011 internships

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the first organization on the East Coast to protect and promote the legal rights of Asian Americans through litigation, legal advocacy, and community education, is looking for undergraduate, graduate and law students to fill interships for spring 2011. Internships are available for the following program areas:

farmer's insurance commercial: meet the wongs

Huh. Check out this funny Farmer's Insurance commercial starring what appears to be a family of Asians -- in stop motion animation: Meet the Wongs, an action-oriented family that takes "extreme to the extreme." They ski! They wrestle! They skateboard on the moon! And they just happen to be Asian:

canada is still mad at maclean's

Over a month after its publication, people in Canada are still pretty damn angry about that idiotic Maclean's "Too Asian" article. How angry? A senator is asking the federal government to revoke federal subsidies to Maclean's: Maclean's no longer worthy of public funding, senator says.

Senator Vivienne Poy is calling for the government to pull $1.5 million in funds for the magazine. According to Poy, periodicals containing offensive content, "defined as material that is denigrating to an identifiable group," can be deemed ineligible for federal support:

call for entries: 34th asian american international film festival

Attention, filmmakers! The 34th Asian American International Film Festival, presented by Asian CineVision, is now accepting entries for the 2011 edition, happening July 13-23 in New York City. They're taking shorts, features, music videos, works-in-progress and youth films (made by filmmakers under the age of 21). Here are some more details:

it ain't easy being fake kim jong il

Came across this article from a couple of weeks back, thought it was interesting... With all the recent tension on the Korean peninsula, I'm sure things aren't easy for Kim Jong Il. Things certainly aren't good for Kim Jong Il impersonators like Kim Young-Shik, who's suddenly become quite unpopular on the streets of Seoul: Korean tensions may torpedo fake Kim Jong Il's career.

video: "sala" - afterquake (abigail washburn & the shanghai restoration project)

Check out the video for "Sala" by Abigail Washburn and The Shanghai Restoration Project, from Afterquake, an album dedicated to the Chinese families affected by the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. The project remixes voices and sounds from the China earthquake zone to raise awareness for victims still in need. This is one of my favorite tracks:

house passes resolution honoring norman mineta

Last week, the House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution recognizing the career and service of former San Jose mayor, congressman, commerce and transportation secretary Norman Mineta: Norm Mineta honored by House resolution.

Sponsored by Rep. Mike Honda, House Resolution 1377 "honors the accomplishments and legacy of a great American hero" for his groundbreaking contributions to the nation. Here are some statements issued by the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus on the occasion:

k-town reality show: the deal is sealed

It's official. Sort of. Well, it's on Twitter, which is basically counting for official these days... The K-town reality show (aka "the Asian American Jersey Shore") is indeed happening. The deal has been sealed, and the show has apparently been sold to an actual network. How do I know this? Why, Tyrese told me.

Producer Tyrese Gibson, as well as cast members like Scarlet Chan and Joe Cha, announced via Twitter that they had just closed the K-town deal. Details are still forthcoming, but it's happening. I bet we'll start seeing the televised drunken debauchery, K-town style, early to middle of next year. Stay tuned!

homeless man arrested in murder of dallas restaurant owner

In Dallas, police have arrested Charles Edward Freeman in connection with the murder of 27-year-old Aaron Cheung, who was found dead last week with a fatal gunshot wound to the back of his head: Arrest made in Mesquite restaurant owner murder.

According to authorities, Cheung was robbed and killed early Sunday morning, December 12, upon returning home from Bacon & Friends, the restaurant he owned and operated. Homicide detectives now have a homeless man in custody in connection with the shooting:


angry gift guide: I'm going to blog about you t-shirt

Hey, internet friends! I recently partnered up again with Blacklava to introduce this brand new t-shirt design: I'm Going to Blog About You. Here's the official Blacklava description (I did not write this):

stir friday night! presents stir fry with friends, december 22

If you're in Chicago and want to see some sketch comedy, check out Stir Friday Night. For one night only, SFN and some of their closest friends bring you a night of improv. It's this Wednesday, December 22 at Donny's Skybox Theater. Here are some more details:

steven ho's comedy zen set

Professional Hollywood stuntman Steven Ho, who you may know from his appearances on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, recently made his first foray into standup comedy a few weeks ago at Comedy Zen in Los Angeles. And he wasn't half bad. Take a look:

chicago mayoral candidate james meeks: women, asians and hispanics "are not people who have been discriminated against"

You've got to be kidding me. Some outrageous dumbassery out of Illinois... State Senator James Meeks is under fire for making controversial comments about race during a radio forum last week: James Meeks: White Women Shouldn't Get Affirmative Action From City.

Meeks, who is a candidate for mayor of Chicago, was talking about the city's programs designed to benefit minority- and women-owned enterprises, which mandate that a certain share of city contracts go to such businesses:

missing since november 29: andrew torii

In Gardena, California, 20-year-old El Camino student Andrew Torii has been missing for several weeks, since November 29. He left in the middle of the night, and didn't take his car, wallet or cell phone. Needless to say, his family, friends and loved ones are worried:

postsecret: found this picture

Yet another intriguing piece over at Post Secret, where users anonymously submit postcards of their secrets. This one is so much a secret... more like a hopeful wondering. I, too, wonder if these two are still this happy, somewhere out there. Here's hoping. (Thanks, Tara.)

senate confirms leslie e. kobayashi for federal judgeship

More noteworthy news from the realm of judicial appointments... Over the weekend, the Senate voted unanimously to confirm Leslie E. Kobayashi as a judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii. She will take the spot chief district judge Helen Gillmor left vacant when she shifted to senior status last year: Kobayashi confirmed as Hawaii U.S. district judge.

das racist detained and deported in london

Last week, Brooklyn-based rap group Das Racist posted an apology to London fans for missing their scheduled show. They wanted to make it, but they were too busy being detained at the airport, then eventually sent back to Switzerland: DETAINED AND DEPORTED.

It's a little vague why exactly they were deported. It apparently wasn't because of their political views, but something to do with paperwork and visa issues. So they were held a in room for eight hours with some other brown people:

the worst chinese hurdler ever

This is altogether hilarious and pathetic: Chinese Hurdler Just Doesn't Give A Fuck. You gotta love the athlete who refuses to give up, even when it's pretty damn clear the race is lost... and you're really not doing well... and you're just getting in the way of other hurdlers. There will be no celebrating for this guy tonight.

senate confirms edmond e. chang for federal judgeship

Over the weekend, the Senate voted unanimously to confirm Chicago federal prosecutor Edmond E. Change for a vacant judicial seat on the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois -- making him the state's first-ever Senate-approved Asian American federal trial court judge: Senate approves Chicago prosecutor for federal judgeship.


read these blogs

2010's Top 10 Asian Americans in Pop Culture: Our pal Keith Chow has a great Pop Culture Shock post looking back at his top ten Asian American entertainers, from Team Jumba to Far East Movement, who had the biggest impact on the pop culture zeitgeist.


angry gift guide: lost encyclopedia

Are you a Lost fan? Did you lament the end of your favorite mind-bending, time-twisting island drama this year? And did it answer all of your lingering questions? Probably not. I'm guessing there were probably more than a few details that left you scratching your head. And that's where the Lost Encyclopedia might be helpful.

Written by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry, with a foreword by Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, this is the official comprehensive guide to the characters, items, locations, plotlines, relationships, and mythologies from all six seasons of the landmark show. Perfect for the Lost superfan.

And of course, for that special someone in your life who hasn't seen a single episode of Lost, you could always get them the Lost: The Complete Collection -- every single episode of all six seasons on DVD.

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