asian kids, watch what you write

In Cary, Illinois, a high school senior was arrested yesterday on a disorderly conduct charge after his English teacher notified police that an essay he wrote contained "nonspecific references to violence": Essay lands Cary teen in hot water. And oh yeah, the student happens to be an Asian kid. Greeaaaaat. Allen W. Lee, 18, was charged Tuesday morning after police determined that essay references to shootings were alarming. According to the police chief, "The writing assignment depicted violence, was disturbing and inappropriate, but did not contain any specific locations or names." That's no direct threats being made against anyone or anything. Dude, is that reason to call the police? I understand that recent events have put people, especially educators, on high alert, and a violent, disturing essay could be cause for concern. But a violent, disturbing essay written by an Asian student? I think the English teacher saw a few extra red flags. Ya think? Now Allen could be facing some jail time. Disorderly conduct, which is a misdemeanor that carries up to 30 days in jail and a fine, can be charged if someone feels alarmed or disturbed by another's actions. And these days, if you're Asian, people seem to feel a little more alarmed or disturbed...

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