john liu appears on power 105.1

This is kind of late, because things got really crazy last week, but here's the response Power 105 sent out to everyone who wrote in regarding the "Are You Smarter Than An Asian Segement?"
From: Little, Helen
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 5:24 PM
Subject: Racist Power 105.1 FM Segment: "Are You Smarter Than An Asian"

On Wednesday, April 11, 2007, a segment aired during The Ed Lover Show with Egypt & Ashy that was offensive to members of the Asian community. Although the segment was not aired with malicious intent, that's no excuse. The segment was immediately pulled and Ed Lover and I publicly apologized on air three times during the morning of Monday, April 16th. The management of Power 105.1 also wishes to apologize to those who were offended by these remarks. Thank you.

Helen Little
Program Director
Power 105.1 - WWPR-FM
Pretty weak, if you ask me. Without an audio clip of the segment, as well as all the other stuff going on, this effort never really picked up steam last week. Community leaders seem to have backed off. It's not very satisfying isn't?

Nevertheless, I received a press release saying that New York City Councilman John Liu will appear on Power 105.1 FM this morning to participate in a live-radio discussion discussing the New York City Council's resolution expressing "profound regret for slavery and historic wrongs rooted in racial and cultural bias." This resolution, formally introduced yesterday by Council Members Liu, Larry Seabrook, and Robert Jackson, officially acknowledges the city's role in sustaining and benefiting from the slave trade: Bill to Apologize for Slavery. The discussion will be broadcast on Power 105.1 FM's "Ed Lover Show" (between 8:15 and 8:30AM) and webcast on the station's website.

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