the troublesome history of max karson

Some background info on Max Karson, that amazing fool responsible for writing the War on Asians opinion piece that's got everyone in a big fat fuss. People have been hittin' up some Google, and coming up with a little bit of history on the guy... Here's an entire Wikipedia article on this troubled dude. His column for the Campus Press is just the latest incident in a long history of disturbing behavior dating back to high school.

Last year, Karson was apparently arrested for making threatening comments in one of his classes, allegedly saying there were aspects of CU that "made him angry enough to kill people" and expressing sympathetic views toward the Virginia Tech shooter, Seung Hui Cho: 'The Yeti' arrested for threatening comments. More here: Students return to class after Max Karson's arrest. Considering all this, I feel even more disturbed about Karson's declaration of war against the Asian soul... Are you still trying to tell me that crap is supposed to be "satire"?

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