fox news calls michelle obama "baby mama"

Good Lord, what are we going to do with Michelle Malkin? DailyKos picks up on some nastiness over at Fox News that the Queen Disgrasian has gotten herself mixed up in...

This evening, Fox ran a segment to remind its viewers why they should hate Michelle Obama. But instead of relying on their usual tactics—you know, lying—they decided to go a little further, using a blatantly racist and sexist slur on the wife of the Democratic nominee. As Michelle Malkin and Fox anchor Megyn Kelley cordially ranted, a graphic was displayed on the bottom of the screen referring to Senator Obama's wife as his "Baby Mama."

Now, I know this term has sort of entered the popular vernacular in comical ways, most prominently in a recent Tina Fey movie with this very term as the title. But its origins lay in urban slang, as a term meaning the mother of a man's illegitimate child.

Fox News' use of this term to specifically refer to Michelle Obama clearly has racist and sexist implications. Let the slander begin. Frankly, who's really surprised? It is Fox News, after all. As for Malkin, her inability to contribute anything valuable to humanity shall continue to disgust me. More about this here (including a link to video): Fox Smears Michelle Obama with Sexist/Racist Slur.

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