america's best dance crew season 2: week six

So long, Supreme Soul. All things considered, it sucked to see them in the bottom two, and they certainly didn't deserve to go home—especially with the killer performance that they gave this week. But the competition is whittling down and getting tough, and they were up against Super Cr3w, who aren't going anywhere just yet. If it were up to me, Boogie Bots are going home next. Once again, here are videos of my three favorite crews:

Super Cr3w. A good performance, though certainly not their best.

SoReal Cru. These kids are always a lot of fun to watch. But I'm a little tired of the "my-parents-don't-approve-of-my-dancing" package they seem to run every other week. I know they're trying to go for a good story, but after a while it just gets a little tired.

Fanny Pak. Unfortunately, one of their weaker performances. Seems like this challege was a hindrance to a lot of the crews' routines. Way too many props going on. Fanny Pak usually rocks with the props, but this time it didn't work too well in their favor. Here's hoping their back in form next time. In the end though, at this point in the competition, I'd honestly be happy with any of these three crews going all the way.

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