princeton investigated for discrimination in admissions

The battle over race in college admissions continues... Federal authorities are investigating an allegation that Princeton University discriminates against Asian American applicants by accepting black and Hispanic students with lower entrance scores: Princeton is accused of anti-Asian biases.

How does a school form a racially diverse student body? Should a college consider race when choosing a class? If so, how? The Supreme Court has ruled that race can indeed be a factor in the process, though racial quotas have long been declared unconstitutional. Princeton denies using quotas.

In case your wondering... Yes, the federal review at Princeton was sparked by the complaint filed by Jian Li. He's the applicant who claims he was rejected by the school and other elite universities despite graduating in the top 1 percent of his high school class, getting a perfect score on the SAT, and earning numerous other academic accolades. (He ended up doing okay for himself, enrolling at Yale that fall.)

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