intel vs. intellife travel

This is pretty ridiculous. Intel, the big ass computer chip company, filed a lawsuit last week against Intellife Travel, a small Northern California travel agency that caters to Chinese Americans and expats, for trademark infringement: Trademark Fight: Intel Is Worried You Might Think It Is A Chinese Travel Agency.

The suit claims that the company's name causes "confusion that Intel is the source or sponsor of Intellife's services" and is a "dilution of the INTEL trademark." Huh? You've got to be kidding me.

Has there been anyone who actually confused Intellife with the Intel? It's this little travel agency in Santa Clara. I highly doubt anyone thought that the company putting together their tour package to China was the same one responsible for the chips inside their laptop. I just don't believe it.

This is straight up bullying. How is a two-man shop supposed to take on a corporate giant like Intel? And yet, so far, Intellife refuses to budge. Hell yeah. This entry over at Tech Crunch outlines the legal battle, which actually started over a year ago before the full-blown lawsuit was filed.

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