two hate crime assaults against sikhs in new jersey

In Wayne, New Jersey, police are investigating a vicious hate crime assault earlier this week on 67-year old Sikh man, which might be related to the attack on a 10-year-old Sikh boy just weeks earlier: Hate Crimes Committed Against 2 NJ Sikhs. Authorities believe the suspect was involved in both attacks, and motive behind both attacks was hate.

Ajit Singh Chima doing his usual morning exercise around the neighborhood when a man in his twenties approached him and struck him in the face. As he fell to the ground, the assailant continued to violently punch and kick him in head and face before casually walk away from the scene. Nothing was stolen from Mr. Chima.

A few weeks ago, 10-year-old Gagandeep Singh was walking home from school when he was attacked. The suspect came up from behind, threw Singh on the ground, held him with his feet and cut his hair with a knife or scissor. In the Sikh faith, men do not cut their hair.

This is ridiculous. The attacker is described as a 5-foot-7 male with a medium complexion and in his 20s. So far, no arrests have been made. More here: Sikh Worshippers Speak Out After Recent Attacks. And here's the press release from the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund: Hate Finds Another Victim in New Jersey.

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