tufts president's statement on the racist incident

Following up on (and hopefully putting to rest, for now) that racist drunken incident that happened at Tufts last month, which eventually resulted in the student responsible apologizing and taking full responsibility for his actions against a group of Korean American students...

Here is Tufts University President Lawrence S. Bacow's official statement to the University Community on how it all went down, released last week: Reflections on the Lewis Hall Incident.

I'm not a member of the Tufts community... but kind of too little too late, don't you think? Thanks for the statement, Lawrence... after all is said and done. Where was the administration while all this was actually going down? Where was President Bacow when Asian American students were calling for action last month?

The only reason why things came to a resolution was because Daniel Foster and the KSA students independently came to an agreement on their own. Awfully convenient for the Prez to pop up with this statement at the end to put bow on it.

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