the ling sisters are looking for a book deal

Following her dramatic imprisonment, release and return from North Korea, Laura Ling is apparently shopping around a book proposal with her sister Lisa: Lisa and Laura Ling Shop Book Proposal Together.

According to a publisher who has seen the proposal, Laura and Lisa are offering a book that will examine "the meaning of sisterhood and journalistic ideals." The issue of Laura's captivity will obviously be discussed, but in a larger context.

The publisher who saw the proposal said that it appeared more intriguing than a book that might have focused solely on Laura's imprisonment. It sounds to me like they might've already had the idea for this book before she and Euna were even captured.

Of course, getting the details about her North Korean ordeal certainly won't hurt the appeal of the book. Heck, I'd read it. More here: Laura Ling and Euna Lee get wordy.

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