serial child molester denied parole

Excuse me as I throw up. Caught this story in the OC Weekly about George Joseph England, a convicted California serial pedophile who forced a kindergarten-age girl he purchased in Vietnam to become a sex slave to not only himself but also his dogs. Yes, you read that right. He was recently up for parole: Serial Pedophile Who Bought 5-Year-Old Vietnamese Sex Slave is Up For Parole.
In 1972, while working in a civilian electronics job in South Vietnam, a 28-year-old England bought then-5-year-old Thi My Lan Nguyen from her mother. He took Nguyen--an Amerasian born in 1967 from the union of a U.S. soldier and a Vietnamese woman--to a Bangkok, Thailand, hotel, injected a needle into her body, watched her fall unconscious and raped her for the first time. For several months, he and the minor traveled together in India and Japan, where he raped a 13-year-old girl in her presence.
It only gets a lot worse from there. The guy's list of evil deeds reads like a long, fiery path to hell. I actually couldn't read any more after the first page. All I know is, that guy needs to stay in jail, and rot there forever. Thankfully, England was denied parole earlier this week: Serial child molester denied parole. Anyway, read at your own risk -- you will be thoroughly disgusted.

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