stephanie jacobsen in melrose place

If you've been watching the tube, you probably know that there are no new ideas out there. Thus, there's a new version of Melrose Place coming to the CW this fall. Starting next week, actually. It's the return of 1990s trash TV!

It's worth noting that Stephanie Jacobsen is in the cast as "Lauren Yung," a medical student who must come up with a creative way to pay her tuition. You might recognize her from the feature-length Battlestar Galactica installment Razor or her brief stint on The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I've seen the pilot of this new Melrose Place, and it's pretty much everything you'd expect. Hey, it's not like the old show was high quality television either. Oh, and the "creative way" Lauren comes up with to pay the med school bills? Just watch the promo above. Yup. Melrose Place.

Wait, the Asian girl is the both an overachieving med student and a prostitute?

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