joe wong is funny... just not in china

Here's a Wall Street Journal story on up-and-coming chemist-turned-comedian Joe Wong, who got his big break last year with an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Yet in China, where Wong grew up, his comedy is apparently a bit confounding: So a Chinese Guy Walks Into a Bar, and Says He's Irish - Get It?

I know in the United States, Wong's fresh-off-the-boat comedy is divisive among Asian Americans. Some say he's playing up unfunny stereotypes of the wide-eyed Asian immigrant, and the audience is laughing at him. Fans say his accented, deadpan delivery is actually disarming, and flipping stereotypical assumption on its head. I lean towards the latter.

I'm not a fan of all of Mr. Wong's comedy, but I think he's got a pretty funny act, and I find it rather awesome to see a 40-year-old Chinese immigrant hit it big in standup comedy, of all things. Everyone's got to have a dream. Here's video of Joe Wong's recent appearance at the annual Radio & Television Correspondents' Dinner: Joe Wong at RTCA Dinner.

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