east coast casinos target asian americans

Here's another Associated Press story on the casino industry's efforts to target Asian Americans, luring them away from Atlantic City to casinos in Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. They know Asian gamblers are big money, and they want a piece of that pie: East Coast casinos target Asian-American market.
Following the lead of high-end casinos in Las Vegas, operators such as Dover Downs and Delaware Park are hiring directors of Asian-American player development, expanding dining areas and menus, and considering foreign-language advertising in newspapers and on billboards.

"It is a demographic that does not tend to play slot machines," explained Andrew Gentile, chief operating officer for Delaware Park, in Wilmington.

But they do like to play baccarat and Pai Gow, a version of poker based on an ancient Chinese tile game, said Ed Sutor, president and CEO of Dover Downs Inc.

Asian-American gamblers in the region typically have had to travel to Atlantic City or to tribal casinos in Connecticut to play their favorite games, often arriving on buses from major metropolitan areas such as Boston, New York and Washington.

Now, casino operators in Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia will compete for many of those players, especially from the Baltimore-Washington area, likely spelling more bad news for Atlantic City's ailing casinos but possibly bolstering the growing gaming industry in surrounding states.
This, of course, does not sit well with Asian American community groups, who aren't really excited about more "gambling opportunities" and see these business practices as predatory.

Studies have show that the rate of gambling addiction among Asian Americans are higher than in the general population. You think the casinos aren't aware of that? They're very aware.

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