2010 sdaff award winners

Over the weekend, I got to attend the San Diego Asian Film Festival's annual Awards Gala, a fancy dinner event honoring the festival's special guests and emerging artists. It was great to see these films and filmmakers recognized, especially because a lot of them are works I've admired and supported for a while. Here are SDAFF's 2010 Award Winners:

Grand Jury Award: The House of Suh, directed by Iris Shim. This is an gripping, true-crime documentary about family, loyalty and shattered American dreams. An amazing film, and a well-deserved award.

Best Narrative Feature: Littlerock, directed by Mike Ott. A brother and sister from Japan - Atsuko and Rintaro - find themselves in Little Rock on their pilgrimage to Manzanar, CA.

Best Documentary Feature: Finding Face, directed by Skye Fitzgerald and Patti Duncan. Details the controversial case of Tat Marina, who was attacked with acid in Cambodia in 1999.

Best Narrative Short: Works of Art, directed by Andrew Pang. A struggling actor in New York, Art Hahn, is offered an unusual role to replace his friend on a blind date. I love this short and I love the guys who made it.

Best Short Documentary: Top Spin, directed by Sara Newens and Mina T. Son. With hard work and sacrifice, a teenager becomes top table tennis player.

Best Animated Short: The Wonder Hospital, directed by Beomsik Shimbe Shim. In a mysterious hospital, a girl's desire for superficial beauty leads her to something unimaginable and irreversible.

George C. Lin Emerging Filmmaker Award: Nadine Truong.

Influential Asian American Artist Award: Daniel Dae Kim.

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