koream's krazy k-pop! contest

Hey, K-pop fans! Time to take your fandom to a new level. KoreAm invites you to enter Krazy K-pop! - A Music Video Battle, your chance to create your very own K-pop video. Outrageous story lines, costumes, choreography, and general dramatic Korean cheesiness. Check out this promotional video:

They recently extended the submission deadline to November 10. Here are some more details about the contest:

We've heard what you had to say, and we've listened!

You now have until NOVEMBER 10th to get your music videos in! Voting will begin on November 11th and end on November 17th, giving you plenty of time to get your submissions in.

Just in case you haven't already heard, your mission is to create a Krazy K-pop video. You can take any K-pop song you like and either do a lip-dub, or remake it completely, with your own outrageous story line, fantastic costumes and wild choreography. This is your chance to be a director, producer and star!

Your mission: To create a Krazy K-pop video. And we mean Krazy.
Outrageous story lines, eye-popping costumes, wild choreography,
dramatic facial expressions, cool special effects. This is your chance
to be a director, producer and star!

You know you want to enter, because if you end up being one of the four finalists, you'll win two tickets to KoreAm's exclusive celebrity-studded gala, "Unforgettable," on Nov. 20th - a $500 dollar value!!

The grand prize winner will receive:
A New York City vacation!
A 5-night stay at The Shoreham,
a luxury boutique hotel
Plus: $1,000 CASH!
This is a fun chance to get really creative. You might remember KoreAm's Drama Fo' Yo Mama Contest from last year, which yielded some pretty awesome entries. For more information about Krazy K-pop!, including the full rules and guidelines for your submissions, go to the iamkoream website here.

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