ong bak 3 teaser trailer

Awwww yeah. Here's the newly released teaser trailer for the upcoming Thai martial arts epic Ong Bak 3, in which Tony Jaa returns to kick everybody's ass, and then does so. The end. This trailer just offers a small taste of the action but I think you get the idea. Take a look:

This movie apparently picks up at the cliffhanger ending where the last movie left off. Not that it really matters -- who watches Ong Bak for the brilliant storytelling and stellar acting? When I walk into this movie, I want to see some bone-crunching, skull-thumping action, straight outta Thailand.

Ong Bak 3 premieres On Demand, iTunes, Xbox Live, Playstation, Amazon and Vudu on December 3, and in theaters on January 14.

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