justin lin signs two-year deal with sony pictures television

More awesome news for Justin Lin... Just a few weeks ago, we heard that the red-hot Fast Five director had signed a two-year first-look deal with Universal. Now Deadline.com reports that he's signed a first-look TV deal with Sony Pictures Television: 'Fast And Furious' Director Justin Lin Signs First-Look Deal With Sony Pictures TV.
Under the agreement, Lin will develop series projects for the studio and will also direct a pilot this coming season subject to feature availability. While he is best known for directing the last 3 Fast and the Furious installments, most recently Fast Five, which has earned more than $600M at the worldwide box office, Lin also has directed 3 episodes of the Sony TV-produced NBC comedy Community. I hear the gig, Lin's only in TV so far, stemmed from his friendship with the series' co-director/executive producer Joe Russo. It led to Lin setting up shop at the TV studio where director-producers Joe and Anthony Russo also have a deal.
Okay, I'm pretty sure Justin Lin has cloned an identical double of himself. This is the only way I can explain how he'll have the time to accomplish all the reported projects on his plate. It's actually all great news -- it's the kind of clout that few Hollywood players really get to wield -- but damn, how's he going to do it all?

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