this again: hooters receipt calls asian customer "chinx"

This again. It happened at Chick Fil-A and Papa John's. And now... Hooters.

Hooters is te latest restaurant chain getting negative attention for an employee who used a racial slur to refer to an Asian customer. Once again, it's right there on the receipt: A Hooters in Queens Is Sued for Racial Discrimination.

In New York, a Korean American man is suing the Hooters in Fresh Meadows for racial discrimination after a recent visit got him served some chicken wings with a side of racist mockery. To go. On his receipt, in the space reserved for the customer's name, the cashier had typed "chinkx."
In early July, Kisuk Cha and his girlfriend, both Korean immigrants, walked into a Hooters in Fresh Meadows and ordered buffalo shrimp and chicken wings to go. After they placed their order, they noticed their server and another employee standing at the computer giggling and "gawking at them," according to the lawsuit.

When the server handed them their receipt, Mr. Cha and his girlfriend saw that in the space reserved for the customer's name, the cashier had typed "chinx."
The employee in question has reportedly resigned after what I'm sure was a stern talking-to. The plaintiff, Kisuk Cha, is seeking unspecified damages from Hooters of America or violations to his “federal, state and common law rights." Good luck with that. More here: Hooters Worker Wrote Anti-Asian Slur on Customers' Receipt.

Again, I could act like this incident is surprising, but we've already seen it all before. It makes you wonder how regularly this kind of dumbass racism happens, but nobody notices. You can bet your ass I'll be taking a close look at my restaurant receipts from here on out.

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