The Return of the Evil Chinese Professor

He's baaaaaack. I've heard from several people that the notorious Evil Chinese Professor television ad, which was all the rage a couple years ago, is back and airing in select markets. Election Day is quickly approaching, so naturally, some anti-China fear-mongering is in order.

In this spot, created by the Citizens Against Government Waste and Americans for Prosperity Foundation, a futuristic Chinese classroom learns about how reckless debt and spending led to the United States' downfall. And then a Chinese professor leads his students in a hearty anti-American laugh.

Haven't seen it before? Take a look:

I wrote about this ad extensively back in 2010. We heard from a couple of extras who appeared as students in the ad, but were completely left in the dark during production about how the footage would be used. Shady.

So yeah, the damn commercial is back. Hey, why try to come up with new racist, xenophobic political ads when the old ones worked so well? This one's definitely got a spot in the hall of fame.

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