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How 'Red Dawn' Could Have Been Remade Without the Xenophobia: Jeff Yang's latest "Tao Jones" column weighs in on Evil Asian Invaders and "blurry xenophobia" in the ridiculous Red Dawn remake now in theaters.

Foreign Policy Experts React To The "Red Dawn" Remake: The plot of Red Dawn, in which North Korean forces invade and occupy the United States, is completely preposterous. But what to actual foreign policy experts have to say about the movie's premise?

Asian American consumers: Nearing $1 trillion in buying power: Marketing execs, take heed. According to a new Nielsen report, Asian American consumers' buying power is big and getting bigger.

Opinion: Why Jeremy Lin's race matters: "Lin didn't get thrust into the spotlight just because he's Asian-American. It's because he's the only Asian American in a league whose entire history of players of Asian descent can be counted on two hands."

British East Asian actors speak out against "The Orphan of Zhao": Daniel York is leading the protest against the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of The Orphan of Zhao, which boasts a "colorblind" cast of mostly white actors.

PSY performs on American Music Awards, and racist haters come out on Twitter: Racists, don't ruin the ridiculous awesome that was PSY and MC Hammer performing together at this year's AMAs. Gil Asakawa weighs in with some history.

A hovering accusation of racism shadows 'Cloud Atlas': The karmic cycle, race, Hawaii, and all the other things Cloud Atlas got wrong.

The most powerful person in the comic book industry? Bleeding Cool Magazine names Jim Lee, celebrated artist and co-publisher of DC Comics, at the top spot of the "Top 100 Power List of Comic Books."

Donnie Yen: The Biggest Action Star Mainstream American Audiences Have Never Heard Of: Donnie Yen is a fight choreographer and mixed martial arts master renowned for his mad skills everywhere around the world except America. Meet the man, and most definitely watch the clips.

Matthew Moy casts his fate with '2 Broke Girls': Actor Matthew Moy, who plays "Han" on the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls, with some rare candid thoughts on the controversy over his character.

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