What I'm Reading: Prophecy by Ellen Oh

I just cracked open Prophecy, the debut novel by Ellen Oh.

It's a young adult fantasy adventure rooted in ancient Korean folklore, about a badass young female warrior outcast named Kira who has crazy yellow eyes and slays demons. It has a kingdom in peril, a dangerous quest, a ragtag crew and a villainous Demon Lord. You know, everything a proper fantasy adventure tale needs. And swords.

I've been looking forward to reading this book for a while, every since we got news that Ellen Oh had signed a book deal for her trilogy, The Dragon King Chronicles -- possibly the first American novel of its kind, from a major publisher, drawn from and inspired by the legends and myths of Korea.

Here's the book trailer for Prophecy:

Like I said, I just started reading it, but so far so good. Prophecy is out now on hardcover and Kindle from HarperTeen. You can find it at bookstores everywhere -- including Barnes and Noble, where it's featured this month as a Top Teen read -- as well as Amazon. For further information, visit author Ellen Oh's website.

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