New Music: Desire by Spazzkid

Check it out. I've been enjoying the hell out of Desire, the recently released new album from Mark Redito, who makes electronic music as Spazzkid. I get a lot of music coming across my desk, and this was one of those records I instantly took a liking to. It's got this gorgeous, extra chill, dreamlike quality that's been haunting me (in a good way) long after I hit pause. Here's a preview of the album:

If you like it, you can stream and download Desire from Bandcamp (and/or order the limited edition t-shirt). The 8-track album is also available for order as a Limited Edition Cassette Tape for $5 (which comes with an immediate digital download) -- I don't even own a tape player and I kind of want it.

For more information about Desire, including details on the making of the album, visit Spazzkid's website. You can also hear more music on SoundCloud and follow Spazzkid's updates on Facebook.

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