The bloody-faced Glenn action figure you've always wanted

Your favorite Asian American zombie apocalypse survivor gets an action figure.

At long last! This for fans of action figures and The Walking Dead. And you know I love both. McFarlane Toys has released several waves of figures based on characters from the popular AMC zombie drama. They recently announced that Series 5 will include a Glenn figure, fashioned in the likeness of actor Steven Yeun.

Finally! I mean, come on, the water-logged zombie from the "well" scene got a figure before Glenn did.

The image is obviously an early computer-generated prototype image, but I assume that's generally what the final product will look like. The Glenn action figure comes with approximately 22 points of articulation, handgun with leg holster, knife with hip sheath, broken bloody pipe and alternate head with bloodied face -- looking like he just got interrogated by Merle.

There is actually already a Glenn action figure, based on the comic book, which, as fans know, does not quite follow the same narrative of the show. The comic book Glenn action figure is clad in full riot gear (and a shaved head) from the prison storyline:

The Glenn TV series action figure will be available in January 2014. Pre-order it here.

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