I will cut someone in this Target for a Phillip Lim handbag.

What happens when Phillip Lim launches his new line at Target? Limsanity.

On Sunday, Target released the much-anticipated 3.1 Phillip Lim collection, offering an appealing line of modestly-priced designer handbags, clothing and other accessories. But if you weren't there when stores opened at 8:00am, chances are, ya got nuthin': At Target, shoppers scramble for 3.1 Phillip Lim bags.

Stores were pretty much ransacked. Phillip Lim racks were reportedly stripped clean just ten minutes after opening. According to the Los Angeles Times, shoppers at the Target store in West Hollywood were relatively civil and polite to one another... until employees rolled out an additional pallet of handbags to re-up.

Then shit got real.

Here's video of what a full-blown handbag swarm looks like:

All this scramble for a handbag? Hey, I'm not judging. And this is still relatively tame. I've seen near-riots break out over discount computer accessories. Ever been to San Diego Comic-Con? I've seen grown men threaten to kill each other over an action figure exclusive. Everybody's got their thing. In this case, it's designer accessories.

Maybe you can still order something online: What's Left Online After the Phillip Lim for Target Launch.

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