Sari Time! Aziz Ansari's Saris make the perfect holiday gift

Aziz endorses his new stylish new product

Comedian/Emmy-eligible actor Aziz Ansari recently appeared on Conan to endorse an exciting new clothing line: Aziz Ansari's Saris. Give your traditional Indian wear that extra flair -- Aziz's face! Sure, there are plenty of other celebrity-endorsed saris on the market, but not one of those celebrities have the word "sari" in their name. Don't mess with the fake stuff. This is the real deal:

Only $599.99! What a bargain. And it makes a great gift. ("F**k you, Deepak Chopra!")

No doubt, somewhere out there, immediately after this aired, an inspired individual started working on an actual sari with Aziz Ansari's face emblazoned on it. If you do make one, whoever you are, please send photos.

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