Your son becomes a man in this weird Old Spice commercial

"Old Spice! Look what you've done!"

Old Spice makes weird, offbeat commercials. We know this. Its latest "Smellcome to Manhood" campaign features mothers lamenting that the deodorant/man freshener brand has turned their boys into men. Case in point, this bizarre commercial featuring a smooth Asian dude and his girlfriend at the bowling alley... plus his undercover Asian mom, singing "Old Spice! Look what you've done!" Take a look:

Weird. Funny. Creepy. (The full "Mom Song" ad is way worse.) Could Old Spice be trying get in on that young Asian man market? Perhaps. But don't they know? East Asians are known to lack that stink gene. Nice try.

Bowling guy, by the way, is played by actor/model Edison Fan.

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