These five best friends all got accepted to MIT

Awesome Southern California seniors are headed to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Some cool news out of Southern California... where a crew of five high school best friends have all been accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. You can call them the MIT 5.

Five Best Friends From Polytechnic High School Accepted to MIT

Raymundo Cano, Andrew Koh, Kevin Escobar Rodriguez, GiMin Choi and William Lopez-Cordero -- all seniors at Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley -- are all Boston-bound, headed to one of the nation's most prestigious and competitive institutions for science and technology.

MIT, considered the nation's premier program for science and technology, will allow the students to explore their passions.

Choi wants to study either environmental engineering or computer science. Koh is also interested in computer science, but added that he is also interested in biology applications as well. Cano may join his friends in the computer science field, but is also considering a mathematics major.

Lopez-Cordero wants to work at NASA. Rodriguez wants to eventually work in robotics.

Regardless of their field of study, the friends are just happy they're making the transition to college together.
Y'all don't know, but this crew is trouble. They party hard, and MIT is not going to know what hit them when they arrive on the scene. Get your ass ready, Boston. I'm kidding, I made all that up. Congratulations, guys.

Study hard and party hard, boys. May your friendship grow, and may your schemes take over the world.

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