Could the Sriracha factory relocate to another state?

Politicians are trying to woo Huy Fong Foods to more supportive, spice-friendly locales

The Saga of Sriracha continues. As you know, the embattled Huy Fong Foods, makers of that sweet, fiery goodness, have been entangled in a heated struggle with the city of Irwindale over perceived odors emanating from the company's Sriracha factory, where they manufacture and bottle the green-tipped saucy magic.

Well, if it's that much trouble to stick around Irwindale, why not just pick up and go somewhere less hostile to the hotness? That's what some out-of state politicians are hoping Huy Fong CEO David Tran will considering, promising a more welcoming environment if his Sriracha plant is willing to relocate.

Sriracha Factory Irritates Some California Noses, but Entices Politicians

This week, a delegation of Texas lawmakers and state officials toured the hot sauce plant in an attempt to lure Huy Fong out of California to the more supportive, spice-friendly Lone Star State.

Texas state Rep. Jason Villalba, state Sen. Carlos Uresti, state Rep. Hubert Vo and a group of Texas officials toured the plant and had lunch with Huy Fong Foods Chief Executive David Tran.

The meeting came weeks after Tran, whose plant has been locked in a months-long battle with Irwindale over a spicy smell, invited all potential suitors to tour the plant.

But despite a great deal of dramatic grumbling from Mr. Tran over his hot sauce woes ("Why am I still here? Maybe I should have died already."), he says he does not plan to move the operation elsewhere, not only because of the cost of building a new factory, but because he would have to find a new chile supplier.

It ain't easy making the sauce.

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