Australian woman's racist train rant caught on video

"What's wrong with Hong Kong? Why did you come to this country? This is our country."

This one comes to us from Australia... Tell us how you really feel, lady. In Sydney, a woman on a train was caught on camera unleashing a tirade of slurs and racist abuse at an Asian passenger and her children.

Woman launches racist tirade on packed train

55-year-old Sue Wilkins was caught on cell phone camera video calling an Asian woman a "gook," mocking her accent, pulling her eyes back -- the international symbol for "chink"! -- and questioning why the woman came to "our country." The incident was apparently set off when Wilkins couldn't find a seat on the train, and she insisted a group of children give up their seats for her.

Things got real racist, real fast when a man started filming Wilkins as she phoned police to complain about the children not offering her their seats. As you can see in the video, she goes off:

Reminds me of incident from last year, in which an Australian woman went off on Asian passengers on a bus. Australia, you're kicking some ass when it comes to videos of racist rants on public transportation.

Folks, your continent-sized entitlement is showing. This latest footage, uploaded to YouTube, went viral and actually sparked a police investigation, and Wilkins was arrested and charged with offensive conduct.

Wilkins later apologized for her behavior and explained in an interview that she had been having a "rotten day." You know what? Everybody has shit days. It doesn't excuse awful, hateful behavior.

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UPDATE: Some new details have emerged since this story broke in Australia media...

The woman apparently used a false name and is not Sue Wilkins. Her real name is Karen Bailey.

To clarify, the children initially involved in the incident were white, as was their mother -- who is different from the Asian woman in the video. Bailey reportedly started attacking the Asian woman for no reason, other than being in close proximity to the person filming (and you know, being Asian).

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