Music Video: "Write It In the Sky" by Kina Grannis (Ken Loi Remix)

By Wong Fu Productions, featuring Arden Cho and Ryan Potter

The good folks over at Wong Fu Productions recently dropped this awesome music video for "Write It In the Sky" by Kina Grannis, remixed by electronic producer Ken Loi. The video, which has this supercool sci-fi future vibe going on, stars Arden Cho of MTV's Teen Wolf and Ryan Potter, who supplies the voice of Hiro in Disney's Big Hero 6.

Check it out:

The song was created for The Mobile Mix by ISAtv. If you like the track, it's available as a free download.

The original version of "Write It In the Sky" is available on Kina's sophomore studio album Elements (which is excellent). For more videos and music from Kina Grannis, subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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