Steven Yeun Wants You to Know: Not All Asians Look Alike!

Also: Steven is fed up 'The Walking Dead' nitpickers.

One of our favorite dudes, Steven Yeun, was back on Conan the other night promoting the second half of season five of The Walking Dead. Turns out that Steven, who plays Glenn on the hit AMC zombie drama, is a Redditor on a mission to dispel the widely held misperception that all Asians look alike. All Asians do not look like Steven, and vice versa. And he's brought along some photos to back it up.

Take a look:

Steven is also obsessed with a meok-bang star he fondly calls "Korean Peter Griffin":

Steven is also fed up with Walking Dead nitpickers. In a show filled with flesh-eating zombies, he's not sure why people are getting hung up on grass length:

Season 5.2 of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, February 8 on AMC.

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