This Week's Angriest Posts

Not necessarily the angriest, just the most viewed.

1. These assholes walked through Chinatown wearing the Confederate flag
Fuck these guys.

2. Holy crap, look at this guy's amazing Miyazaki sleeve tattoo
One fan's gorgeous tattoo tribute to the master animation auteur.

3. Man wanted in attacks on Asian women in NYC found dead
25-year-old Tyrelle Shaw, suspected in at least four assaults, apparently took his own life.

4. Badass photos of "Mulan" at Walt Disney World Resort
Photographer re-creates Disney's animated take on the legendary woman warrior.

5. Bobby Jindal announces run for President
Watch the Louisiana governor break the news to his kids in a super-awkward hidden camera video.

6. Susan Ahn Cuddy, First Asian American Woman in U.S. Navy, Dies at 100
Pioneering Korean American servicewoman dedicated her life to family and country.

7. Angry Reader of the Week: Awkwafina
"Rapper, producer, Angry Birds expert."

8. New York City adds Lunar New Year to public school holidays
City becomes only the second major urban school district in the nation to observe the Lunar New Year.

9. Bad Guys Are Awesome, Especially Asian Ones
Character poster gallery features the stars of 'Awesome Asian Bad Guys'

10. Angry Asian America: More Asians on TV?!
We got renewed! We kick off season two of our talk show on ISAtv.

Stay Angry, my friends.


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