Tamlyn Tomita. Arden Cho. Sword Fight. Badass.

Watch a sneak peek clip from MTV's 'Teen Wolf.'

Have you been watching MTV's Teen Wolf? In addition to a lot of young pretty people and dark, shadowy happenings, the hit supernatural drama features one of television's few Asian American families. The cast includes Arden Cho as Kira Yukimura, a foxy (literally) lady, and Tamlyn Tomita and Tom Choi as her parents.

In this sneak peek clip from next week's episode, Kira and her mom engage in a sword fight that nearly goes wrong. Don't ask me why mom and daughter are suddenly dueling in the middle of a high school classroom -- I'm not actually caught up with the current season, so I have no idea what's going on. But it's badass.

It's Arden Cho versus Tamlyn Tomita, swinging sharp blades at each other. That's all you need to know.

Check it out:

You're welcome, fanboys and fangirls. Teen Wolf airs Monday nights, 10/9c on MTV.

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