Asians React to Yellowface

In this BuzzFeed video, we offer some thoughts on Hollywood's greatest racist hits.

Not that we needed a reminder of how friggin' racist Hollywood can be.... In this BuzzFeed video, Asians react to yellowface. They recently got some Asian American folks, including me and my pal Jenny Yang, to sit down, watch and react to various movie and TV clips in which white actors were made up to look like some form of "Asian," like Marlon Brando in Teahouse of the August Moon, Mickey Rooney in Breakfast and Tiffany's and more. I think we reacted pretty much as expected.

Take a look:

If you've never seen these clips before... I know, right? Appalling. It think this pretty much sums it up:

Thanks to Chris at BuzzFeed for inviting us to participate in this video. It was awkward and fun.

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