Ki Hong Lee goes full ajumma in Be Funny's 'Seoul Runner'

Korean American actor returns to the motherland in a pama-powered parody of 'Maze Runner'

Maze Runner star Ki Hong Lee recently returned to the motherland and partnered up with Be Funny -- South Korea's answer to Funny or Die -- to reprise his role as Minho alongside Korean pop stars Kangnam and NS-Yoon-G in a comedic pama-powered parody of his hit adventure movie: Seoul Runner.

Fresh from WCKD's grasp, Minho wakes up in yet another strange place; this time in his homeland of Seoul, South Korea. But WCKD is still hot on his trail, so Minho must disguise himself as an 'Ajumma,' a Korean elderly lady. His flashy Ajumma gear will protect him from sun exposure, low blood sugar, and orthopedic strain, but can it protect him from WCKD? "Ajumma is good..."

Watch it here.

Why doesn't Be Funny allow you to embed their videos?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that pretty much none of this is going to make any sense unless you are pretty familiar with Maze Runner... and um, Korea. But the fanboys and fangirls are loving it!


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