Woman's racist bus tirade caught on camera

UPDATE: 55-year-old woman arrested after multiple incidents reported around Sydney

Here's another one out of Australia, where videos of people being super f*cking racist on public transportation seem to be a petty regular occurrence... This week on a Sydney bus, a woman was caught on camera screaming a tirade of racist abuse at an Asian woman. And surprise, surprise, nobody stepped in to help.

Racist tirade on Sydney bus rattles Chinese-Australian woman

Lindsay Li was waiting for the bus on Wednesday when she says a woman came up to her, spat on her and struck her with her shopping cart, before pushing ahead of her to get on to the bus when it pulled up. Then, on the bus, the woman turned around in her seat and started talking racist shit.

That's when Ms. Li pulled out her camera phone:

The woman's talking all kinds of nonsense, but it's clearly hateful, telling her "You'll pay for this," and calling her a "dirty pussy" and "fucking chink," among other things. Li, feeling threatened, told the bus driver that he need to stop and call the police, but he ignored her. Nobody else on the bus intervened either.

Li posted the video to Facebook and it got picked up by local media.

The woman appears to be the same person who made headlines in August after being caught on camera going off on a similar racist tirade at a Chinese Australian couple eating lunch in the park. In that incident, she targeted and accosed the couple, accusing them of "taking all the jobs" and demanding that they stand up and give her their seat because they were of Asian descent.

New South Wales Police and State Transit officials say they are investigating the bus incident.

Woman stands alone against racist rant on Sydney bus.

UPDATE: The woman who was caught on camera hurling racist abuse at a Chinese Australian woman on a Sydney bus has been arrested after multiple incidents were reported around the city. She was finally arrested Friday at a train station where she allegedly approached a teenage girl and spat on her. The 55-year-old woman is charged with six counts of common assault and two counts of using offensive language.

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