Japanese American Women Try On Geisha Halloween Costumes

"The Geisha With The Dragon Tattoo"

So you've seen my excruciatingly terrible gallery of Asian-themed Halloween costumes, which includes of disturbing number of "geisha" ensembles. Geishas, by the way, are a real thing, with a rich culture and history in Japan. Ever wonder what actual people of Japanese descent think of these crappy geisha costumes you can buy out of a plastic bag? Here's your answer. In this BuzzFeed video, Japanese-American Women Try On Geisha Halloween Costumes. As you might expect, they do not approve.

Take a look:

"I feel like this is the least Japanese thing I've ever worn in my whole life." That sort of sums it up.

Props to these ladies for sharing this indignity. That sorry frock they're trying on doesn't remotely resemble a geisha's attire. It's somebody's -- frustratingly, a lot of people's -- shit-tastically inaccurate orientalist idea of a geisha or Dragon Lady or Japanese Doll or "The Geisha With The Dragon Tattoo."

Happy Halloween.


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