Bobby Jindal drops out of presidential race

What took so long?

On Tuesday, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal announced that he is dropping out of the presidential race, much to the disappointment of his four supporters. At this point, the only people who are surprised about his withdrawal are the people who are only now realizing that he had been running for president all this time.

Bobby Jindal Quits Republican Presidential Race

"This is not my time," Jindal told Fox News. "I've come to the realization that this is not my time. So I've come here to announce that I am suspending my campaign for president of the United States."

Bobby Jindal has ended his presidential campaign. Let's be honest: it never really started.

From the very start, Jindal's doomed presidential campaign failed to gain any kind of meaningful traction, kicking off in June with a super-awkward, tepid hidden camera video of him and and his wife Supriya sitting the kids down to break the news that he was running. They seemed less than enthused. Maaaan, if you can't get your own kids to get excited about a run for president, you're probably in trouble.

Then there were Jindal's ridiculous career-long efforts to distance himself from his Indian-ness. This video featuring Versha Sharma lays out why Bobby-Not-Piyush-Dammit was such a disappointment to so many Indian Americans:

Good riddance to the candidate that nobody gave a f*ck about, whose star has disastrously plummeted in his own state, who couldn't raise any money, whose inflammatory anti-immigrant rhetoric, deeply problematic policies and embarrassing-as-ass rejection of his own Indian American identity really had no business in the White House or leading this nation.

I'll give the last word to one of my favorites dudes, comedian Hari Kondabolu:

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