Forrest Wheeler stars in the action short 'Power Play'

Vote for Rock Chang's film in the My Rode Reel filmmaking competition.

Forrest Wheeler, who plays Emery Huang on Fresh Off The Boat, stars in this fun three-minute action short Power Play, in which a pair of fierce combatants face off in a deadly battle... sort of. Directed, produced and edited by Rock Chang, the film is currently a contender in the My Rode Reel 2016 filmmaking competition.

Check it out:

Here's also a behind-the-scenes video, which was required as part of the competition:

For the sequel, I would like to see the two grown men playing with the action figures, and Forrest doing some of the kickass action stuff. How about it? If you like the film, you can lend your support by voting for it in My Rode Reel's People's Choice Award. Vote for Power Play here, now through July 4.


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