That Time Kumail Nanjiani Crapped His Pants

The 'Silicon Valley' star comes clean on 'Conan.'

Comedian and Silicon Valley star Kumail Nanjiani was back as a guest on Conan on Monday, sharing stories about doodoo and Beyonce. He was recounting a childhood memory of a kid who pooped in his pants at a birthday party, which is always fun, but was then suddenly inspired to come clean with his own recent story about crapping his pants... like, two years ago, as an adult.

Not gonna lie: I will always laugh at stories of grown men crapping their pants.

Kumail also shared a story about the ultra-conservative cleric who didn't approve of his marriage to a white girl named Emily... but was surprisingly totally down with a particularly "Naughty" Beyonce track.

Because Beyonce transcends all faiths.


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